In the native tradition, spirit animal totems each have their own medicine. By medicine, it is meant that the unique qualities that each animal has are the traits or gifts that are meant for us to learn or be gifted with at a certain time in our lives where we are in need of such qualities. We may have one totem animal that is prevalent in our lives, but many others will show up when we are in need of their medicine. These spirit animals are like a large collective energy of that animal’s wisdom and love. They act as guides and messengers for the things we are facing on our journey.

I have had many times where I have had a spirit animal present themselves to me. Other times it is the actual earthly version I will encounter, however pay attention to when this occurs. If you look up the spiritual meaning or medicine of the animal, seemingly randomly encountered, you will see that the perfect group of attributes are what is needed at that particular time in your life.

My experience with snake occurred several times during the time I was going through a divorce and many changes in my life. I was out on a walk one fall day on a beautiful wooded nature trail. I happened to just glance to my right side just in time to see a grass snake disappear into the thick trees and bush. This was curious, however, on the same walk it happened four times, different directions but the same thing. I would suddenly feel compelled to look a certain place and just in time to see that snake dart into its hiding place. I had also around the same time had a dream featuring snakes as well.

I had to look it up, to see the significance of snake as a totem. We have all seen the medical symbol, caduceus, where the snakes are entwined around the sword. This is a symbol of healing and also wisdom, as it takes a lot of knowledge to be a healer or doctor. Snakes also shed their skins regularly, this symbolizing new beginnings; out with the old and begin again. The other representation with snake is the kundalini raising. This is a sign of one raising their vibration to a higher level, increasing conscious awareness. This all felt so correct for the things I was going through at that time in my life.

Years earlier I had found myself in a state of semi sleep as I awoke. I saw clearly a small fairy in front of my face. She started as a spark and then expanded to become a few inches in height and very detailed. I then looked across the room and saw what appeared to be a mule standing right there in front of my closet. What on earth? I glanced back to see where the fairy had been and she was gone. Then back to the closet area, and the mule was gone. Okay then, it was messages from spirit once again. I had been reading a certain book and it had fairies in it, but the story was more related to me than I had wanted to believe. The mule was clearly there to tell me how stubborn I was being. I had to smile and be grateful for the message that was abundantly made clear by the spirit of the stubborn mule.

Often it is during meditation that you will have a totem spirit animal appear to you. I have seen many. Sometimes you will feel a message right away, with the meditation, or sometimes you can retrieve it by looking up that totem animal’s meaning and medicine in a book or online. I have had many of these experiences and it is always a blessing and honour to have the spirits work to assist us in finding our answers. I had one meditation where I had seen a few different animals but then as I came out of the state of meditation, I dropped my right hand down over the arm of the chair that I was in. I distinctively felt thick fur there and knew it was wolf spirit there beside me to give me direction, as wolf is known as the pathfinder.

My most recent encounter with a totem animal was with the great spirit bear. I had had bear show up in a few of my meditations around the same time as this experience. There were even messages from other people in my circle of friends, that spirit bear had been sent to me for protection. I gratefully thanked and accepted that gift.

I went outside on a crisp fall day and was sitting on a bench in a grouping of trees. The dry leaves were all about the ground. As I glanced up at the wet markings still on the trunks of the trees in front of me I saw the perfect shape of a large bear standing tall on hind legs and knew that spirit bear was there protecting me from some negative energies that were nearby at that time. I looked out in that directions and I could vaguely see a cloud that appeared grey and could actually feel their being held at bay by this large and powerful bear. I could even sense their annoyance at this powerful bear was keeping them away. I was safe and protected by the great bear spirit. It was then that I began to hear the crunching of leaves. I looked about for the squirrels that must be around but did not see anything. I then began to hear heavy deep animal breathing, like it was moving around to different spots where the crunching and breathing were. I could envision clearly that this bear was pacing in and around this small area I was in. I began to question my sanity, was bear actually with me? I asked in my mind. The answer was, yes I am here. I then felt a sturdy bump on my right knee, but it actually was sort of soft like thick fur, however it was strong enough that my whole leg moved with the bump as bear had clearly brushed by me to show me his presence. I was in total shock. That had been so amazing. I had mentally changed or melded dimensions for a few seconds to be so aware and connected to the great spirit bear that was protecting me. I felt so grateful, blessed and honored to have such loving friends in spirit.

Pay attention to the animals that cross your path, show up as symbols, dreams, or in meditation. They are a most generous and loving group of guides and message bearers that wish only to have you gain clarity with the situations that find yourself in at any giving time. The universe is abundant with helpers.

~Debora Christy Love

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Debora Christy Love A near death experience at a young age began Debora's awakened spiritual journey. Debora is clairvoyant and tunes in to energy fields and spirit for messages that will assist you in your daily life. Working at their home business of Barrie Spiritual, Services & Classes, Debora shares spiritual insight in her client readings and empowers others to be happy, healthy and free within themselves. Debora is a certified Hypnotist and Past Life Regressionist. Debora also practices as a Quantum Touch practitioner and Reiki Master, Teacher. Debora enjoys creating art and music. Her music and song album Love Will Find A Way is available where music downloads are available and is author of There Is Love, My Near Death Experience And Beyond, Available on Amazon, both paperback and kindle.