Nail polishes are quite popular in the market because of their magnificent colors and the beautiful outlook that they provide to nails. Women are anxiously fond of applying nail paint to their hands for an amazing outlook. There are different nail polishes that are quite famous in the market. A lot of brands are also working hard to deliver even better products to women as compared to other brands. Distinctive features added to the nail paints provide a different look. Various salons also provide services to apply creative nail paints in manicure treatments.

The main thing is the protection of nail paints because the liquid inside may get the dry dye to change in weather impacts. That is the reason why nail polishes are required to be stored in cool and dry places for long-lasting usage. To increase the sale of your nail polishes you must utilize strong and robust packaging to keep them protected from different damages and breakages. Custom nail polish boxes are the best option to keep nail polish safe. Some specific categories of nail polishes are discussed below:

Regular Nail Polish

These types of nail polishes are available at any brand shop and retail stores as well. The regular nail polishes are somehow glossy and smooth and have a bright outlook. The nails get an extra shine after applying these nail paints. Sometimes only a base coat is enough to make your hands look beautiful. Women usually apply 2 coats for a better solid outlook of their hands. Regular nail polish takes some time to get dry. The most effective way is to sit for at least 2 minutes to dry your nail paint after every coast. If you apply more cots it would take longer than usual.

Matte Nail Polish

Matte nail polishes are also in trend in the market and customers are much fond of applying such nail paints because of the elegant outlook and finishing that they deliver to hands. In many cases, it has been seen that matte nail paints tend to chip faster as compared to regular glossy nail polishes. These nail paints are not glossy and do not shine while they have a smooth and soothing finishing on nails that looks elegant and beautiful. These are quite thicker and may be difficult to peel off. The perfect way to remove matte nail polish is to apply petroleum jelly and wipe the nails with cotton.

Glitter Nail Polish

This type of nail polish is quite famous as well and delivers a fancy look to your hands. Most specifically these nail paints are used in the wedding season because of their glittery appearance and shiny look. These nail polishes not only consider glitter in the content but in different cases, disco balls, star-shaped glitter, and many other types are found. These get stuck to the nails with the help of a brush and the liquid inside. Different brands such as Maybelline have introduced a number of glitter nail polishes that have their own amazing outlook.

Chrome Nail Polish

These nail polishes have a similar formula to that of glitter nail polish. Chrome nail polish is somehow more long-lasting than regular nail polish. These nail polishes deliver a metallic finishing to nails or in some cases these are also known as mirror finishing nail polishes. At least two coats are required to add a solid color to your nails. These nail polishes are also chip resistant and have an eye-catching appearance. Usually, double cots are applied for chrome nail polishes. Most brands have introduced chemical-free chrome nail polishes that can significantly spice up your outfits.

Gel Nail Polish

The gel nail polishes are quite expensive and are new in the market. These are also quite famous as compared to others and women tend to buy these because of the long-lasting capacity of gel. These nail polishes are very easy to apply and deliver a shiny and long-lasting beauty to your hands that look different. A lot of brands have introduced these nail paints as they get dried up within seconds. Different salons also apply gel nail polishes as a complementary service in their treatments for a manicure. Usually, portable UV light is also provided with such nail paints.

Breathable Nail Polish

Mostly nail polishes do not allow the sunlight to pass through and reach the nails for better growth and nourishment. Oxygen may also not get past through the nails which may increase the damage caused by nail polishes applied all time. For such reasons, a lot of brands have introduced breathable nail polishes that provide space for oxygen and sunlight to reach the nails and keep them strong and healthier as compared to other nail polishes. Breathable nail polishes are also expensive and are in increased demand as well.

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