Festivals of light such as Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa (African American), Diwali (India), etc, symbolize the rebirth and awakening of the sacred flame of love in the hearts of individual persons, as well as in the collective heart of humanity. This living flame of love and goodness can serve to transform this world for the better, in many ways, from the inside as well as from the outside, as a kind of limitless spiritual blessing power. The gifts that people give to one another as part of the celebration of festivals of light such as Christmas or Hanukkah also symbolize how opening ourselves to the spirit of love and goodness gifts us with significantly greater levels of co-creative insight and transformational development. Viewed in metaphorical terms, the holiday (Holy Day) commemoration of events such as the birth of Jesus, the liberation of the Jewish people from oppression, or other events of redemption, can be seen as representing the birth of the loving light of "Christ-consciousness" or holistic/unifying peace consciousness in the hearts of individual persons, as well as in the whole human family (The Hebrew word for "peace", shalom, is linguistically related to the word for whole [shalem] or wholeness [shlemut]).

When we permit the spiritual energy presence of love and goodness to flow from us to others, then it has a kind of alchemical effect upon us, them, and the world as a whole, gradually transmuting various kinds of negativity into a more constructive, wholesomely functioning, regenerative rather than degenerative, energy. For example, various interpersonal, social, and international geopolitical conflicts can be compassionately resolved by a reconciliation process in which contending parties explore, with open hearts and minds, how they can realign their particular perceptions and goals with what would be truly constructive rather than destructive, or productive and liberating rather than counterproductive and depriving, for everyone concerned, as the basis of finding mutually advantageous win-win solutions, that would also contribute to the continued advancement of the indivisible reality network of life as a whole. When we follow the call of love, or connection, rather than the voice of antagonistic separation and judgment, then the inclusive energy of love helps us to increasingly find common ground with one another, and gradually soften the "rough edges" that cause unnecessary conflict between us. United in love, individuals, social groups, and nations can help one another to build themselves up, as a co-creative, synergistic, expansive, growth-oriented, cohesive, principle of limitless, inexhaustible, abundance for everyone, whereas divided by antagonistic "blame games" and the predatory principle of fighting over presumably scarce, limited, resources, we all fall into an opposite momentum of greater contraction, dis-integration, scarcity, or lack of resources, opportunities, and vision.

Just as the power of electricity can flow only when electrical plug and socket, or other electrical wires, are properly connected to one another, similarly, the energy of love can flow more abundantly into the world only when individuals permit their hearts and minds to be deeply connected or attuned to one another, in loving communion, or genuine friendship. When we are willing to open our hearts to let the spirit of love-goodness flow between ourselves and others, then we bring out the best in one another, and, thereby, co-create the "sweet life" together, as symbolized by the beautiful glow of Christmas tree ornaments and Hanukkah Menorah candles. The process of bringing out the best in one another involves being willing to let go of presumptive definitions, demanding expectations, and judgmental blaming of other people, so that the spirit of love can illuminate our vision and hearing with insight into how each particular individual who we encounter is, truly, beautiful, lovely, or intrinsically precious, in their own special way.

The more that we permit the energy of love, or warmhearted empathic connection, to guide our perception of and response-able behavior toward other individuals, the more does that energy bring out the best in us, as well as in those others whom we encounter. Just as two or more magnets can energize one another, but cannot energize themselves, separately, similarly, when we tune into, and, thereby, arouse and magnify, the "life-juices" of other individuals, then the most sublime, or grandest, energy of our own being becomes amplified, like a process of vibratory resonance or magnetic energetic attunement between oneself, other individuals, and the relational energy of love-goodness that connects us to one another. To propose another metaphorical analogy, just as flowers cannot pollinate themselves, but must wait to be pollinated by bumble bees or other insects, which also cannot pollinate themselves, similarly, the core level of our being cannot manifest and experience its own essential beauty, sweetness, and fragrance unless we unselfishly share that sweet "sap", "elixir", or "nectar" and "ambrosia" of life with others, as well as permitting others to share theirs with us. When we deeply connect our hearts and minds in loving empathic communion or nondualistic attunement with one another, then we energize the "living waters" of "magical" enchantment to flow like a fountain, or from its hidden source, wellspring, or reservoir, in the inner core level of our being, and, thereby, become more accessible to us in our experiencing and functioning in the outer world.

This limitless, inexhaustible, transformational power of love (functioning like a veriiable Horn of Cornucopia, Fountain of Everlasting Youth, and source of limitless co-creative/synergistic transformational possibilities) brings to mind the following wonderful quote from Pierre Teilhard de Chardin:

"Someday, after mastering the winds, the waves, the tides, and gravity, we shall harnass for God the energies of love, and then, for a second time, in the history of the world, man will have discovered fire."

Author's Bio: 

My Spirit is immortal, as everyone's spirit is, but I began this current incarnation in January 1958. At the time of my birth, the first American rocket was launched into space. I view this event as a metaphorical symbol of my life's meaningful purpose, "shooting for the stars", aiming to consciously manifest the highest level of love, grandeur, and creative transformational blessing power that is inherent to the reality nature of life. I unselfishly dedicate this purposive intention not only for my own personal benefit, but also for the benefit of all living beings. Like a powerful rocket overcoming the enormous gravitational pull of the earth, I intuitively believe that the entire human species is ultimately intended to harness the limitless synergistic, co-creative, blessing power of unselfish pure spiritual love to overcome all absolute limitations of suffering and evil negativity, and return Home together to the Divine Source from which love, life, and limitless blessings flow, which is a Great Mystery Supreme Grandeur that surpasses all limited conceptions.

In terms of my career, I am working as a teacher, in the field of World History/Global Cultures, and related areas of study. I am also an inspirational writer. The writings that I am currently working on focus primarily upon Optimal Human Relationship and Interpersonal Communication, as a basis of Psychological Maturation, Spiritual Fulfillment, Holistic Healing, and Creative Inspiration.

My personal lifestyle and ethical values are very wholesome, grounded in my substantial sense of integrity and constructive psychological maturity. I am a very sincere, trustworthy, compassionate, warmhearted, empathic, intuitive, unselfish, emotionally generous, open-minded, cheerful, relaxed, good-humored, tolerant, non-judgmental, accepting, person.

I treasure deeply caring relationships with family and friends. I would like to make friends with other members of this network who share at least some of my basic values, and who would like to explore how caring human relationships, involving good interpersonal communication, unselfish generosity of spirit, and synergistic/co-creative connection of hearts and minds, can contribute to the progressive transformation and revitalization of individuals, groups, global cultures, and contemporary society. Relatedly, I have a strong interest in discussing ways of developing a deeply caring, inclusive, sense of local and global community, grounded in a sense of sacred kinship or family feeling between all people, and all living beings.