1954 saw the very first ever package travellers to go on HOLIDAY TO SPAIN. It's difficult to assume how things should have transformed since that time. This pioneering number of vacationers remained in a tiny village with only a number of family run hotels. There were no banks or any other amenities and no local shop could change traveller's cheques.

Today Spanish tourism is large business not one other country in Europe entertains a lot of vacationers every year. Almost the whole southern coast continues to be opened up as much as the travel industry. In early 1980s it was Torremolinos and Malaga that were the trendy places to go to. Just lower the coast road from Torremolinos is Benalmadena, frequently named by local people as Torremolinos Mark II: where Torremolinos was permitted to develop aimlessly, Benalmadena had a bit more careful planning. The marina won the award as one of the most beautiful marinas on the planet for several years running. The famous round-the-clock square, or Plaza Sol y Marly to provide its real title, still remains a night life Mecca for youthful travellers going to the South of Spain.

Nowadays almost the whole South of Spain is really a tourist haven. Most of the original rapidly built hotels have been removed and new modern and luxurious resorts replaced them. The Costa Brava has additionally seen major re-development because the original accommodation erected hastily to accommodate the groups of vacationers scrambling towards the area within the 1970s have been changed into one of the best resorts present in Europe.

Who is able to mention a Spanish holiday and not mention golf? You will find over 300 first class courses across the coasts, most of them developing part of a resort. Green costs are usually less when compared to United Kingdom prices although a few of the better courses, mostly created by renowned golfers, reflect their top quality within the cost you have to pay to experience them.

The country isn't about sun and sand though. The cosmopolitan city Barcelona positively brims over with character and is a superb spot for a short city break in Spain. Plane tickets are usually affordable and accommodation options are wide and varied. If architecture is the factor for your visit then Barcelona may be the city for you personally. You won't just find Gaudi here however, many modernist pieces are found here by the likes of Puig i Cadafalch and Domenech i Montaner.

Getting to Spain is simple and cheap: plane tickets are frequently less costly than the usual train journey inside the United Kingdom. Great offers could be had particularly when booking last minute. Just about all major United Kingdom tour operators have items to match a large range of vacationers.

Like a prime European holiday destination, a HOLIDAY TO SPAIN has a “been there, done that” type of attitude. Initially making many mistakes since it tried to focus on the almost overnight boom in tourism Spain has now refined its choices and once more sits towards the top of the hot list for a European travel destination. Regardless of what type of holiday you're searching for the country has everything. The bountiful idyllic beaches from the Costa Brava, the quant whitened towns of Andalucía towards the heady night life of Barcelona and Madrid: you're certain to find something for your style of Spanish holiday.

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