Two thoughts – two hearts, joined aspiration,
Unite for beautiful creation,
For God’s and our joyful contemplation!
To a future world, to a world-with-God,
We take a step – right here, not beyond
May all our planet and our world
On every single plane of Being
Begin to shine with Dreams of God
Emitting Light and Love a-Beam!
Together once more – and bonded for life
Like a family divine, happy and free
Father-God and all of Creation
You and Me !

Dear Friends!

Today we begin a new interactive live section of SOL magazine. It is a live diary where we are going to tell you sequentially, step by step, about the co-creation of a real, live Space of Love. We, the authors of the Diary, are a newly born family, your publisher Yuri and Irina, together are in the process of co-creating a beautiful Space of Love according to the principles described by Anastasia. In this section we are going to share our plans and efforts to sincerely and honestly tell you not only about our successes and achievements but also about our mistakes and failures. We hope that sharing our story may help those who decide to join us and co-create a beautiful space filled with joy, love, light, health and welfare for themselves, for their children and grandchildren for centuries - for many generations of Kin.

We believe that a Space of Love co-creation is like childbirth. Two people, a man and a woman, meet. Each of them has their very own inner imagery, and so, two minds meet, with two dreams and two visions. And if they match in general, a deep mutual attraction arises based on mutual feelings, inspiration and the strong desire for a joint creation. Then, the two sets of visions merge into one joint vision and complementary thoughts of each begin to further strengthen this joint image-making activity. Thereafter comes a period of further comprehension, assimilation and development, joint planning, refinement and the adjustment of the now combined dream-imagery. And at last, when the dream has matured, it comes to birth in the world and the dream’s realization and embodiment begins.

We believe that nothing in our material world comes into existence accidently, or by chance. Everything is preceded by a sincere, pure and strong dream-desire - or just by the, oftentimes unwanted, unconscious effects of manifestation. Our conscious dream initiates a chain of events in the material world, tying together dream and reality, and will in time result in the dream's realization. We usually don’t know exactly what kind of events are going to happen, and therefore we should keep our eyes and ears open wide and pay careful attention in order to notice those events and react appropriately and in time. The more sincere and pure our dream-desire is, the faster its material realization will proceed. All we need to do is to observe everything that comes our way, take those pieces and build a beautiful picture-puzzle, which may not be quite clear at first glance but aspects of one whole, embodied vision can frequently be observed early on and it becomes more clear and beautiful with every day.
The Beginning.

We are happy that we can start from the very beginning, from our joint dream, from the meeting which took place on New Year's Eve 2008-09, although the process of co-visioning did begin a few months before we met in person, namely soon after we had met on the "world-wide web". As a result of such co-creation, an image of our Kin’s Domain was born and we are happy to bring it forward so as to share it with you Kin plan_1(see full image below)...

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Author's Bio: 

I am a writer, a publisher and co-editor of Space of Love magazine, also leading spiritual groups to sacred places to facilitate evolutionary shifts.