Music is the language of love that connects with people in numerous ways. There is something for everyone, no matter how many genres of music are out there. Some may click with pop and rock, while others feel a connection with jazz and blues. Indeed music is a universal language that brings people, cultures, and societies together. You are bound to tap your feet or move your head to the music, even if it’s not in your language. That is the power of music. 

To be successful at anything, hard work and persistence are key, and music comes from within you. With music, along with the qualities mentioned above, you should have good taste in music. Moreover, it is essential to have the ability to understand your audience and create music that can resonate with them. This is what SOULFLVR is all about. 

Starting from the tender age of 11, SOULFLVR got his first break when he started DJ-ing for parties in his school. That’s when he got the thrill of the job and realized this is where his passion lies. He knew that music was his calling. At the age of 18, he started playing at a club in Cologne, and it was there that his grip on the art became stronger. To further hone his skills, he enrolled in a private school to study sound engineering and music production. After graduation, he started working for a TV channel as a sound engineer for live shows. That’s where he started producing his own music for the very first time. 

After working there for years, he was promoted to the head of the audio department. However, SOULFLVR realized he was getting stuck at the job and could do so much more with his talents. In 2020, he took charge of his life and quit the job to pursue music as a full-time career. 

Since it was a time when the pandemic had engulfed the entire world, DJ gigs were being canceled, but he did not lose hope. He invested the majority of his savings in building a production studio in the basement of his house. He then started working day in and day out, producing, mixing, and mastering music. Although the lockdown has been lifted and DJ gigs are getting back on track, yet creating his own music is his life now. In fact, it is pretty fulfilling for his soul. 

Ever since he has set up his own studio, SOULFLVR has been making music videos and releasing singles on his social media platforms. His latest release, “Into Pieces,” is a dreamy song with melancholic elements to it. The music video is shot at a beach with different couples and their relationships’ highs and lows. This six-and-a-half-minute long song will keep you hooked because of its rhythm and beat. The previous outing, “An Now We Crave,” is another touching number shot in the Northern Sahara desert of Egypt. It has a funky techno touch to it that goes with the feel of the music video as well. Some of his other songs, “Don’t Know Why,” “Broken,” “Don’t Wait,” “Slow Tonight,” “Right in Heaven,” and “Easy to Love,” all have their specific moods and feel. Some focus on heartbreak, some celebrate the joy of love, while some just appreciate life and its offerings. 

His back-to-back hits have been generating more and more views as people are getting connected and hooked to SOULFLVR’s music. The diversified playlist caters to everyone – from someone coping with a breakup to someone reveling in their success to someone finding themselves contemplating their future. His collection is getting richer with taste and music. 

Making music for SOULFLVR is not a deliberate process. It’s not like he sits in a quiet room with the thought of creating something fresh. New tunes come naturally to him, from deep inside. It comes from feelings, be they sad, happy, or desperate. Pain is also an accelerator when it comes to music creation and is a way to heal the wounded heart. When emotions are at their peak, SOULFLVR just picks up his guitar and starts trying different chords and melodies, singing along with lyrics that come from the heart. It’s during the later stages that the tune is refined, composed, and recorded in the studio. Since his music comes from the heart, it goes on to touch millions of people going through the same phase in their lives. 

So, get immersed in SOULFLVR’s creativity and skill by exploring his hit numbers that are constantly released on social media. If you are looking for music to cope with your feelings, check out his playlist and get absorbed in the world of soulful melodies and evergreen music.  

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