I mentioned Soul Circles in Shadow Self article. Soul Circles have to do with Karma and Reincarnation. If you were not good in your last past life or lives you return back with the same people you did bad things with or did bad to. Like in one of my past lives I was horrible to people but my husband and I were evil. We hurt people but I don’t think killing or anything like that. I just know people were afraid of us. So when I came into this life I brought back all the people in my bad past lives which I haven’t learned anything or tried to clear my Karma in to this one.

The reason I know about my husband and myself from a past life is because in this life I met him. It was a very strange experience. Before the doorbell rang at this gathering my friend was having I heard a voice say he’s here and my evil self came forward. It was like I wasn’t there and this other being took over. The bell rang and there he was. He felt it also. Unfortunely, he did this thing with sage to make women want him. I know myself so well I knew something was wrong. To make a long story short I was angry at him. I was mean and everything and stayed away.

I realized that I had to forgive myself and him. So I did apologize and left it at that. Others have come and gone out of my life. I fixed my karma with them. Others I have not. I make peace and try to send out energy to their soul to forgive me for everything I had done in the past and in this life. I have been clearing my karma because I want to move forward and my next life I want a good one. I don’t want to bring these negative influences from my past into my future. It’s time to clean house and clear everything that I can.

I am meeting more positive people in this lifetime. Good spiritual people who will be in my new soul circle in my next life. I work constantly on my Shadow self, karma, chakras, aura, and continue to grow spiritually. I think I mentioned in a different article that there is no separation between anything it all works together and is one. Oneness is just that but on a higher spiritual plane of existence of peace. Nirvana.

So if this is your first lifetime to actually get a clue and finally awaken like I did, it is important to walk away from all the negative influences around you so you can meet the good people that you want to bring into your new Soul Circle. The hardest part is walking away. I just did and feel bad but I want my next life to be peace and happiness with no obstacles which is beginning now. I also mentioned about 2013 going into 2014 few obstacles for those who have been working on themselves but it will go smoothly shortly depending how far along and what you have done to work on clearing karma, aura, chakra, and more. So continue and know that it is getting better.

A good thing to do is let’s pool our energies together so we may have stronger energies to help each other in our situations. We are a group to support and help each other.

Author's Bio: 

Jeanette Costa has a Doctorate in Metaphysics, she is a Reiki & Karuna Master Teacher,Spiritual Healer, an Animal Nutritionist and Herbal Practitioner.

Jeanette's teaching is how to use energy that is all around you to heal yourself and others and how to learn to sense and be part of everything around you. By using the energy around you, you would be able to know when someone does not speak their truth by the vibration of the words they speak.

She guides you with techniques to use to grow and helps you understand how to follow your spiritual path in life. For a peaceful and happy life.