The loading time of a page is an essential data of a site. Indeed, this indicator has a real influence on the audience of a site, the conversion rate and its position on search engines.

In this article, we show you 8 tools to analyze the loading performance of a site.

What is the loading time?
The loading time of a page corresponds to the time in seconds that a web page takes before being displayed.

Far from being trivial, this data is to be taken into account when putting a site online.
Too long a charging time has several disadvantages:

• It penalizes your natural referencing
•The impact is negative on the user experience, the indexing of your site and the loyalty of your users
• It causes a considerable loss of the number of visitors
• The conversion rate drops and people leave your site to go to the competition
Loading speed: what does it matter?

The quality of the loading time is a determining aspect in the life of a website. Fast loading is a sign of a perfectly healthy site. For internet users, it is also a guarantee of seriousness and security when browsing.
The loading time of a page is one of the first elements to check to increase your traffic.
Do you want to boost the visibility of your site by increasing its loading speed? Fortunately, some tools are at your fingertips to test the speed of your site and make the necessary readjustments.

There are some essential tools to Website Performance Check;

Google PageSpeed Insights: Google PageSpeed Insights is a free tool offered by Google to measure the loading speed of your page.

This option allows you to define the loading performance from your mobile space or your computer. After an analysis of a few seconds, the software reveals your speed score as well as all of the actions to be implemented.

Test My Site by Google: Test My Site is another tool offered by Google that only relates to the loading speed on mobile.
Fun and easy to use, this solution provides access to a complete report on the problems and advantages of a site and the visualization of its loading on mobile.

Uptrends: Uptrends allows you to search according to several criteria (computer / mobile, place of navigation or web browsers) and offers a cascade analysis of all the elements of a page and/or a site.
The results are particularly interesting for web developers.

GTmetrix: Free and specially designed for beginners, GTmetrix allows you to check the loading quality of your site.
You get access to a set of options, like averaging your results on Yahoo and Google Page Speed. You can also check your site from different test regions or browsers.

Dare Boost: Dare Boost is a particularly complete kit for checking your speed. You access a large set of data, concerning the speed, quality, and security of your site.
This tool allows you to compare two different pages, which is particularly useful for positioning yourself against the competition.

Pingdom: Pingdom is a software recognized for its simplicity of use and particularly useful to situate yourself in front of the competition.
It has many features that will satisfy the owners of an e-commerce site. Indeed, you will be able to perform synthetic interaction tests and thus check the fluidity between different interactions (such as registration or payment flows for example).

Load Impact: With Load Impact, you benefit from a practical tool, allowing you to identify the performance of your site based on the number of users.
In the free version, you are entitled to 50 reports per month and also benefit from clear and detailed graphical help.

WebPage Test: WebPage Test is a completely free tool for testing the speed of your site. This software is accessible from IE and Chrome browsers. Easy to use, it allows you to perform a set of tests, from the simplest to the most complex. You benefit from a detailed diagnosis using a perfectly readable diagram. You then check all of the optimized pages and access certain tips to improve your load time.

The loading of a page is an important element to check the performance of a site, this is why this indicator must be taken seriously. Also There are many tools available that which are best for Website Performance Check or Server Performance Check.

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