Over the years, more people are opting to get money for junk cars in Denver over keeping it in the garage, especially if they’re rundown. It’s become easier than ever thanks to the internet. However, people have many misconceptions about the subject like the documents they need, the formalities needed, the type of company they should sell to, etc. People end up making less than they should or end up facing lawsuits due to these misconceptions. That’s why it’s important to clarify them before selling the car. Here are some things that people often get wrong about selling junk cars:

Dealers Pay The Same Amount Of Money For Junk Cars

Correct: While junk car removal companies usually pay a similar amount based on their locality, the exact amount each owner may be willing to pay you may differ slightly. Other factors like towing fees, paperwork, etc. may also affect the amount they pay. You should contact multiple dealers and choose the one who offers the best price. Don’t forget to account for hidden charges when you compare their offers.

You Get No Cash For Cars With No Title

Correct: While most auto salvage dealers require you to show the car title to prove that you own the vehicle you are selling, some offer cash for junk cars with no title in Denver as long as you can show other documents like registration or license. You should choose such dealers if you would rather avoid spending time, money and effort in getting a duplicate title.

There’s No Paperwork Involved In Selling Scrap Vehicles

Correct: There’s always some paperwork involved when you sell your vehicle, especially if you want to prevent legal liability. The required formalities include transferring ownership, notifying the local DMV, etc. The exact process may differ based on the state you live in so check your local lemon car laws.

You Don’t Have To Remove The License Plates

Correct: The license plates belong to you even after you sell it because the DMV assigns the number on it to you. If you don’t remove the plate when you sell your junk car then you may face a lawsuit in case the car is involved in criminal activity or accident. You should prevent this by removing the license plates before selling the vehicle. You can use the plates on your new vehicle, scrap it or submit it to the local DMV for scrapping.

Metal Scrapyard And Auto Salvage Yards Are Same

Correct: People tend to confuse between the two because they are both referred to as scrapyards or junkyards. Metal scrapyards are dedicated to recycling and reselling metal to manufacturers. When you sell your vehicle to the metal scrapyard, you get the money based on the vehicle’s weight. Auto salvage yards salvage pay money for junk cars in Denver based on how many intact parts that they have. They salvage parts like mirrors, doors, AC, etc and resell them. Some double as towing services. Know the difference when you look for dealers.

Towing Is Always Free

Correct: While most junk car removal services offer free towing services, not all do. Some junk car removal cut the amount from the amount they pay you while some don’t tow at all. You should check with the company before signing the deal with them. It’s best to opt for a company that tows your scrap car for free so that you get the whole amount and don’t have to drive the scrap car to the junkyard (which burns fuel).

You Get Cash Based On Your Model

Correct: Unlike regular car dealerships that pay you based on the car’s model, make, year, etc. scrap car removal services pay cash for junk cars with no title in Denver (as long as you have other documents) based on how intact the cars are. A working intact old car sells for more than a rundown broken car. The dealers sell these parts to other dealers and/or car owners looking for spare parts for profit. You can sell any car model to the dealer whether it’s a sports car, jeep, SUV or convertible. So you don’t have to worry about getting paid less for a common model. Common models are just as likely to sell for good prices because their parts are in demand and more likely to be compatible with other models.

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