Email isn’t new and when it comes to making headlines in marketing newsletters and at industry events, email's not typically at the top of the list.

According to a recent study conducted by Social Media Research firm ExactTarget, even without the glitz and glamour, the facts remain: More than 93% of online consumers are SUBSCRIBERS and have provided their email address to at least one company or brand. 88% of US online consumers check email daily and 94% use email at least once a week.

It’s really basic stuff - if consumers don't trust you, they won't SUBSCRIBE to your communications. By building trusting relationships centered on respect for privacy, marketers have a great opportunity to increase loyalty and return on investment.

In order to build trust, it's important to understand the two concerns that are top of mind for consumers when considering whether or not to supply their email address to a company:

* Will my email be shared?
* How difficult will it be to unsubscribe?

Established brands have a distinct advantage when it comes to earning the trust of consumers. Consumers tend to give the benefit of the doubt to big brands, and assume their email addresses will be safe and unshared.

In contrast, consumers will do additional research on unknown brands before offering their email addresses. They'll Google company names, review complaint history and comments on Facebook and Twitter.

"Stop sending everyone everything! I want to receive what's interesting and relevant to me, not information for another group. I'm not interested in those non-relevant messages, and they make me much more likely to delete them as a contact." ~ Jeff, 42, Sarasota, FL

There's one thing that makes email unique above all other communication channels . . . exclusivity. Becoming a SUBSCRIBER is like becoming a member of an exclusive club and members expect to receive all the member-only perks outlined below

1. Promotions and deals - 81% of SUBSCRIBERS have been motivated to provide a company with their email address due to some form of promotion.

2. Early notification - By becoming a SUBSCRIBER consumers expect to be the "first to know" about upcoming promotions and sales.

3. Education - Consumers may rely on brands to keep them informed about topics that interest them, especially if they've provided that company with their email address.

4. Tailored content - Consumers expect brands to tailor content to their individual preferences. They view the messages they receive through social media as being appropriate for general audiences, but they expect email content to be specific to their interest and needs.

Overall 81% of SUBSCRIBERS have been motivated to provide a company with their email address due to some form of promotion - from giveaways to deals to upcoming sales. And women are more likely than men to be motivated by promotions. 88% of women indicated that promotions have motivated them to SUBSCRIBE, compared to 70% of men.

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