Summers have arrived and it’s time to take a splash. As the weather gets hot and sunny, people can’t resist the thought of taking a refreshing dive into a pool; a reason why most families rush to water parks to indulge into various water activities that will take sweat and stress off their body. Summers are time when we feel exhausted due to fluid loss. While some of you may head towards a nearest water park others can have the inflated slide installed at home. 

Though these inflated sliders bring in a lot of joyous moments for children and family members, these amusement water rides arrive with their fair share of risks. This means even as you install the colourful water rides, remember to not overrule on the risks involved in the game. After all you will not want to ruin the backward party by not ensuring if the environment is safe for everyone to indulge into various fun activities. 

Sliding safely into the water 

It’s quite usual for kids getting over excited seeing a rainbow coloured inflated water slider installed at home; so much so that they may even run out of control and eventually meet an accident. The little guests will thus need to follow certain safety measures other than adults who also need to get familiar with such safety protocols. 

Following are rules for enjoying a waterslide. Educate children and adult members of the family who may be equally interested to take the plunge: 

  • Ask your kids to not push other kids 
  • Riders must never dive on a side which is water inflated 
  • Riding on headfirst or stomach is not allowed as it can lead to head or spinal injuries 
  • Never throw any object into an inflatable slider lest it may get damaged 
  • The slide should not be used as if it’s a bouncer 
  • Not many riders should jump together into the inflatable slide. Single rider should be allowed at once. 
  • Riders are also not permitted to jump or run down the slide 
  • All sharp objects should be taken off before taking a ride as it may cause damage to the slider
  • Rough games are not allowed on a slider 

Safety tips for parents who want to ensure that their children are riding safe on an inflatable slider


Among various aspects weather is considered a chief factor which is responsible in ascertaining safety of a child who is about to enjoy the ride. Before you give your children the green signal, find out if the weather is good as often these inflated rides get deflated during bad weathers. 


Get your children clad in soft clothing and ensure they are not wearing anything sharp that may affect the Inflatable Water Slide Adelaide. Their swim suit should be light and soft. 


Of course! you will not want your kids to go unruly while enjoying the ride. Little riders often get over excited at the sight of an inflated slider. In order to keep them contained make sure you are present at the site and instruct them as much as possible while they slide down from a Water Slide Hire Sheidow Park

Also, before allowing your little ones to ride the inflatable slider educate them on potential threats and how they should handle situations. Inform them about safety tips so that they follow the same. 

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The inflatable water sliders excite kids. However, it is important for a parent to ensure that their kid is not bumping into an accident during the ride.