The brands that will be discussed here are names in the luxury watch business that have, well, done everything. These have been a major players in the game and have seen it all. These brands have been at the top of their game for a long time now and that is what separates them from the rest. Be it Rolex, Cartier, or Omega, all of the Swiss watchmakers mentioned above have their own set of qualities that have helped them reach where they are today. There is a certain degree of affection that these watchmakers gets from all over the world and that says a lot about them. Let us take this moment and learn about some rare facts about these horologists that might pose as quality ice breakers at a party. 


The Rolex brand has been called many things in the past and over the years it has been literally crowned as the undisputed king of luxury watches. Reaching the top is not that tough at times but retaining that position is. The brand was founded by Hans Wilsdorf in London and was later shifted to the heart Swiss watchmaking. Let us take this moment and dive into an interesting fact about the king of luxury watchmaking. Check out Rolex Daytona prices at here.

Did not really create the ‘Oyster’ 

Many people credit Rolex with the creation of the Oyster. This was the first waterproof watch that the world had ever witnessed. But there is a plot twist here. Rolex did not create anything. Instead, it inherited a patent that would otherwise be left wasted on some dusty shelf. The watchmaker put the patent to good use via its remarkable visionary attributes all thanks to Hans Wilsdorf. Today, the Oyster has led to the creation of many other watches that rule the entire haut de gamme watch business.  Hublot Big Bang is also best collection for men’s specially. 


As a watchmaker, Cartier’s prowess is irrefutable and its reputation as a quality horologist has been acknowledged all over the world. What makes things more fascinating is that the Swiss watchmaker also has a history of high-end jewelry making. Before making gorgeous luxury watches, Cartier was into the fine art of jewels and precious metals. It was given the title of Jeweler of kings and king of jewelers. Well, today we will ponder upon a rare fact about this icon. 

Created watches for the allied powers 

Cartier watches are, as we all know, are carefully built and hand polished. They are symbols of quality that just cannot be argued with. They stand for an ideology that has lasted for over a century. In terms of current day scenarios, Cartier is a monument of class and style. It is considered to be one of the best to ever exist in the haute horlogerie industry. But did you know that he brand specially made watches in the memory of the allied forces? There I the Cartier Francaise, the Cartier Americaine, and the Cartier Anglaise. If you are looking for luxury brand in limited budeget then you should go for Tissot Watches.


Now, Omega is a renowned brand and is really popular among serious as well as casual watch enthusiasts. In terms of mechanical prowess and technical soundness, Omega is a true legend that has delivered numerous legendary timepieces over the years. The Swiss horologist is a massive player in the industry that has always delivered on its promises. Names like the Omega Seamaster and the Speedmaster are all over the business and that shows how famous the brand really is. 

Being the timer of all events at Olympics 

Well, this might not sound that interesting at first. But once you get to know that Omega was the first one to actually time all sporting events at the Olympics, it will definitely be more intriguing. This was a time when the eligibility of watches to conduct precision timekeeping was still under scrutiny. But Omega proved everyone wrong with its mechanical ingenuity and knack for perfection. TAG Heuer Watches are also famous in men’s specially and Bvlgari Serpenti watches are very demandable collection in women’s.

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