Fixed Gear bike can be an essential companion for anyone; no matter if you are a student or an official or any other professional. This bike is also used for leisure time and camping in Jungle, Mountain or Sea Beach. So, alongside using this bike for your daily purposes, you can use this bike for leisure purpose as well. However, there are myriads of gear bikes on the market, and it is more than challenging to choose the right gear bike or road bike for you. Confused? Don’t worry. Keep reading.

When you decide to purchase a gear bike, the things you should follow will depend on the purpose you are going to achieve with this bike. However, the standard parts of a fixed gear bike are a frame, tires, crank, derailleur, rare brake, front handle brake and brake lever, Fork, Saddle, Rim, and Wheels. Now, let’s share some information that will make you confident and help you not to frustrate after buying the gear bike.


Bike frames are usually constructed with steel, and heavy-duty steel is not affected with rust. So, while choosing, make sure that the frame is made of sturdy material. If you ride on the road, the usual frame will also serve you right but you ride in the mountain slope, the frame needs to be much stronger.


A derailleur manages the speed levels. Many bikes have 2, 3 and more than 4-speed levels and derailleur's job is to control the chain and keep it on the track. It also ensures that the chain doesn't fall while changing the gear. A bike with a well-constructed gear can do it efficiently.


Crank is a chain holder at the front that plays the important role for the movement of your bike. Crank and Rims are usually made with alloy. The matter is how the alloy was made. Some crank breaks or bends too soon which is annoying. So, talk with the retailer about the lasting capability of the Crank.


The fork is one of the most important parts of a fixed gear bike. If your forks bend or break, you cannot ride the bike. Ensure that the forks are made with durable and shock-tolerable materials. If you look for a gear bike for mountain or Jungle campaign, purchase a bike that comes with two forks at the same time, and the forks are supported with spring to meet the zigzag road. We have mentioned two forks because unfortunately, if your one fork breaks, the rest one can support the bike and you need to stop riding.


Whether the back-rare or front-brake, a reliable braking system is a must. The best braking technology can save your life. So, ensure that the braking lever is soft and the bike takes no time to stop after pressing the brake. The rare back brake also allows you to slow down the bike and avoid an accident.


Wherever you ride, you must seek for comfort. A soft and stable saddle is required to ensure safety and comfort. The good saddle allows ride for a long time without producing extra heat and sweat. Besides, a soft seat doesn't annoy you even after long and slope riding.


Tires manage friction. So, if your tires are thin, they have less capability of managing friction, and it can be used on the plain road. But, if you ride in the sea beach or mountain slope, you must choose bikes that have thick tires and capability of managing zigzag road.

These are the significant things that everyone should notice before buying a suitable fixed gear bike. Following this will make the buying a gear bike easier.

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