Job Nature of an Administrative Assistant

The major chunk of the work revolves around document processing, correspondence etc. The reason being that executives or higher-management personnel do not have the time, or need to focus elsewhere, instead of basic work. Hence, some of the core functions revolve specifically around the personal work of the person being served.

For example, if an executive is on a call and needs to set up an appointment, he will delegate the task to his administrative assistant. The secretary will then look at the calendar and ensure availability, and then lock the time with the prospect on the phone. You might wonder, why can’t the executive do it himself?

Most often because it is considered as contradictory to executive status i.e. “petty work” such as peeking across a calendar. So, some of the core aspects of the administrative assistant job description include handling personal correspondence and schedule for the executive.

Education, Qualifications and Work Experience Required

A handy five-year experience is something worth mentioning on an administrative assistant cover letter, when looking for a handsome administrative assistant salary package. However, most mid-level roles ask for at least 3 years of experience in general office management and procedures.

In terms of the degree, a traditional 4 year degree is usually required by organizations for such jobs. Interestingly, Belgium is a country that actually offers a “Bachelors in Office Management”.

In the United States, the “National Secretaries Association” was formed in 1942, in order to promote professionalism across the field. Today, this organization is known as the International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP).

Knowledge & Abilities
Computer Literacy

The know-how of the job obviously entails being computer and technology literate. In a world dominated by information transfer by the seconds, the typewriter operator doesn’t really have a lot of chances.
Communication Skills

Further, an administrative assistant resume also includes very good language skills, spoken and written. Often because the person serves as a bridge between intra-official elements, and inter-official elements.
Familiarity with Contemporary Office Equipment

Furthermore, with advance in office equipment standards, general knowledge about operating multi-function telephone systems, fax machines, copiers etc. needs to be in hand.

Core Duties and Job Responsibilities

The major chunk of the administrative assistant job description entails document-oriented work in addition to opening, sorting and distributing incoming documentation for staff.
Performing general clerical duties such as bookkeeping, copying, faxing, mailing and filing.
Since company correspondence deals with sending out marketing material to prospect lists, the job can be confused with that of a marketing assistant job description or a staff assistant job description, however, that is not the case.
Also part of the administrative assistant job description is the creation or modification of official documents such as employee records, invoices, reports, memos etc. For this reason, administrative assistants today, need to be proficient in latest word-processing applications such as Microsoft Office or Quickbooks.

High-Level Tasks
Attending and Recording Meetings

Sometimes the work can vary from office-type work to high-level work. For example, attending board meetings and recording the minutes-of-meeting. The record needs to be accurate and precise because some of the information then has to be presented to shareholders or disseminated to employees later on.
Tours and Trip Coordination

Also, at times extensive tours are planned by the management. The administrative assistant needs to coordinate these tours, including booking and reservation tasks, and then relay the information back to the touring personnel. Basically, place the tickets in their hands and tell them that they’re all set!

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