Anger could be brought about by other internal or external agents. It could come about as the outcome of a quarrel or a fight, a bout with a boss, a traffic jam, or even a past memory of a hurt or grudge could cause anger. According to certain health and wellness experts, anger can be defined as an emotional condition which differs in intensity from moderate annoyance to extreme wrath and outburst.

Being angry could be constructive to an extent yet could very easily lead to destructive tendencies. Identifying when you are mad and looking for ways to controlling anger are really significant. Now, let us take a closer look at ways or methods of controlling anger. Learning how to relax is an effective tactic to disperse a situation whenever anger is trying to take over.

Envision an image or memory which helps you in giving you joy and makes you calm. In addition, you can choose phrases or words and repeat it to yourself in your mind whenever you feel angry. Suggestions are making use of the words, “relaxed” or “calm”, or “take it easy”, “take a break” or “calm down” imagery can go a long way to make relaxation a reality.

And for instance, you can also learn to breathe from your diaphragm, as breathing from one’s chest as most individuals are inclined to do, isn’t going to assist you to relax your body and brains at all. There are times that anger simply happens in relation to situations wherein someone have no control of.

So whenever this takes place, create a brief plan about how to cope with the problem or dilemma and then take note of your growth and progress in dealing with the circumstances at hand. And by developing better and practical problem solving abilities is another method of controlling anger. Just do the best as you could but don’t beat yourself up if some things never go as planned—just keep on aiming for your best.

Yoga is also another useful technique to relax yourself from the top of your head till the bottom of your feet. Be sure to select the ones that are slow and not too strenuous for your body as there are several forms of yoga. Yoga aids in calming the brains as well as rejuvenating the muscles.

Some other ways to refresh in order to control anger involves taking the time off to learn how to meditate or just getting a soothing massage. Moreover, always take a break or a brief breather from those stressful moments and schedule some time off or personal time for yourself daily, even for only an hour every day.

Do something you particularly enjoy which makes you happy, like taking a walk in the park, watching your favorite movie, relaxing in a bubble bath, window shopping, reading a good book, or even just chatting with a friend. Just remind yourself that consequently anger does not solve anything. We just have to learn to adjust our attitude as an effective way of controlling anger.

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