Are you looking for the best career option after 12th or feeling confused about choosing a profession after class 12th? This is one of the most important career decisions in life that with the right choice can make your future bright. One such great career option after the 12th for which we will discuss here in this article is foreign languages.

A career in a foreign language has always been a captivating profession, especially for those who have a flair for languages. But which of the best foreign language to learn is also an important factor that we will address here. There are various foreign languages to learn in India but the most promising and career-oriented language is Spanish.

One can choose the Spanish language as a career choice after 12th class. There are plenty of reasons to learn Spanish language in India, but there’s one that really makes a big reason is employability.

In this hyper-connected world, students of all streams consider the Spanish language the best career option, along with regular study. Above 20 million students learn Spanish around the world, making it the best foreign language to learn.

Students of 12th standard have two options either they can take admission at university for full-time degree courses or can join the best Spanish institute in Mumbai for part-time courses.

Here are some interesting facts that make Spanish Language popular all over the world.

- Spanish is a Romance language that originated in the Iberian Peninsula of Europe.
- Spanish is the second most widely spoken language in the world.
- This language sounds beautiful and it has a rich linguistic history.
- Currently, 20 million students across the world studying it as a second language.
- It is the dominant language in Central and South America.
- Presently about 338 million people speak Spanish as their native language worldwide.
- In 20 different countries, the Spanish language is being used as an official language with nearly 500 million native speakers.

Spanish language experts do a variety of roles depending upon their skills and experience in the Industry. Here are some of the professions students can look for:

1. Teacher

There are plenty of teaching jobs that require Spanish speakers. You can run your institute and help students with the best learning experience or you can work as a teacher in any foreign language learning university and institute. In the US, India, and many other Spanish-speaking countries, many bilingual schools and programs use the Spanish language. Speaking Spanish will certainly give a huge leap in your career.

2. Interpreter/Translator

The demand for interpreters/translators in India has accelerated at an unprecedented spurt. Your Spanish-speaking ability can help you become an interpreter/translator in India. You as an interpreter and translator can help people who don’t speak the same language to communicate with each other. You can find a job as an interpreter and translator in various private and government sectors.

3. Customer Service Representative

In India and various Spanish-speaking countries, various multinational companies provide technical support services to people from Spanish-speaking countries. As a Spanish-speaker, you can become a customer service representative in these companies on a smart salary package. Speaking Spanish and English means the number of customers you’re able to assist is a good manner than representatives who speak only one of the languages.

4. Career in Travel & Tourism Industry

Spanish language skills open up plenty of job opportunities in the fast-growing Travel, Tourism & Hospitality industry. You as a Spanish speaker can find a job opportunity in the tourism, travel, hotel, leisure, entertainment, and hospitality industry. Also, you can find a job in the international travel and tourism market.

5. Medical Professional

Indeed, there are a lot of job opportunities in the field of healthcare and medical. In various departments of healthcare and medical, Spanish is popular. All things considered, it’s vastly improved for patients to have the option to discuss straightforwardly with a specialist or medical caretaker as opposed to through an interpreter.

Any clinical calling from nursing right hand to nurture, specialist, EMT, and clinical assistant may utilize Spanish language abilities. Regardless of whether the work doesn’t need it, it can positively help you advance in your field or make you a more attractive applicant.

Furthermore, since clinical experts frequently manage crisis circumstances, communicating in Spanish can in a real sense help you save lives.

6. Social Worker

With the Spanish language skills, you can join or be a part of famous non-profit organizations. You can work with them and can make effective communication with them and native speakers. For this reason, communities or non-profit organizations with large Hispanic populations often recruit Spanish-speaking social workers.

7. Writer

As a writer, you can work anywhere anytime. Speaking English and Spanish means you can earn huge money sitting in the comfort of your home. It is one of the most interesting jobs that open up your mind and make you more creative. Whether it’s journalism, content writing, public relations writing or blogging, the population of Spanish speakers in the US and other countries is the largest market for written materials in Spanish.

8. Opens The Doors For Study In Abroad

Spanish is popular worldwide and around 20 million students studying the Spanish language. With Spanish speaking ability, you can make your way to popular universities or institutes abroad and make your study easier and more fun. You would be able to make effective communication with classmates and teachers.


Learning Spanish language has a lot of benefits in both personal and professional life. In this increasingly global market economy, investing in extra skills can make your future bright. If you are in 12th standard and looking for lifetime skills for a career benefit then you can learn Spanish in Mumbai online along with your regular courses. No doubt learning the Spanish language will open the doors of opportunities in the international market and you might connect with the social world when speaking in Spanish.

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