Appliances that can provide a continuous supply of hot water for domestic purposes are commonly known as water heaters. Water heating solutions are now an inevitable part of every modern home. With the invention of modern technologies and amenities, homes are more energy-efficient nowadays. Still, water heaters are one of the significant energy-consuming devices.

To increase the efficiency of solar water heater manufacturers, this industry is adopting new technologies. It is essential to have a detailed study on the same before concluding that which water heating solution is apt for your home. Studies show that irrespective of climatic differences and the size of your family, water heaters contribute 15 to 25% of any home's total energy consumption. So the right choice of water heater can surely save you from shocking electric bills as well!

Electric water heaters and solar water heater are commonly used for domestic purposes.

All you need to know about a Solar Water Heater!
Using the collector plates, a solar water heater converts light radiations from the sun to heat energy. Domestic solar water heating solutions can be divided into two, Passive Direct Systems and Active Indirect Systems. Solar water heaters without a heat exchanger are called Direct System.

In contrast, a Solar Water Heater India fitted with heat exchangers is called Indirect Solar Water System. Both have their pros and cons. Even though a direct system is cheaper to install and almost maintenance-free, an indirect system is efficient and less climate selective. One can identify a solar water heater's energy efficiency by considering the solar energy factor (SEF) and a solar fraction (SF).

Why Solar Water Heaters?
We all know that electric water heaters are the most user-friendly. Still, a solar water heater surpasses them in energy and cost efficiency in the long run. It also protects you from future fuel shortages, and price hikes as a solar water heater work entirely on an inexhaustible and renewable natural resource, i.e. solar power. Another major attraction of the solar water heating system apart from their energy efficiency is that they have comparatively less maintenance with longer life, having a comparatively easy installation.

Apart from the fact that it can effectively curb your monthly electricity bills, solar water heaters are a safe way of utilizing natural resources without harming your ecosystem.

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It helps us reduce India's carbon footprints as it is not emitting any harmful gases from fossil fuels, unlike many domestic appliances. Having a solar water heater in your home means you are no longer afraid of power failures! In total Solar Water, heaters are the best solution for many problems in your household chores.