According to, the definition of a sociopath is "a person with a psychopathic personality whose behavior is antisocial, often criminal, and who lacks a sense of moral responsibility or social conscience."

The most common traits of a sociopath include irresponsibility, manipulativeness, dishonesty, and a complete lack of empathy. Sociopaths are frequently charming, exceedingly intelligent, largely lack impulse control, and use others to get what they want.

Sociopaths lack remorse and only feel bad for themselves when they get caught. They tend to know right from wrong, but don't care. Psychopaths, on the other hand, don't tend to know right from wrong.

Full-blown sociopaths are easily defined as such, but there can be a fine line between reasonable people and jerks.

Latent Sociopathic Traits Affecting Partnerships

Our long-term findings suggest that common negative personality traits (e.g., aggressiveness, domineering tendencies, etc.), those that don't make a person a true sociopath, can lay dormant for decades until the subject encounters collective, demanding personal timing. In other words, their personal astrological and numerological patterns symbolize the emergence of latent personality traits.

We can't tell you why a dramatic shift in collective personal timing represents a change in personality, but that's what our findings show time and time again.

Combined with high levels of stress, the person may seem unlike her "usual self," but it may be that her usual self, the one you came to know over years together, isn't her true self, and you can't blame her for pretending to be someone she wasn't. It's just that the negative qualities are now coming to the surface after being dormant for so long because her collective timing didn't support those characteristics until now.

Compound this dynamic with your own collective timing also drastically changing at about the same time (e.g., symbolizing potential divorce, and a new long-term relationship) and you have two people who are left wondering what happened to their life together. You can't blame either one for their personalities; it's just the way things go, symbolized by their natal compatibility and unique, individual collective timing.

For example, Erica and her husband were both wonderfully agreeable romantic partners for many years until she hit a dramatic shift in her personal timing that symbolized power and control issues, argumentativeness, an over-bearing tendency along with other characteristics, including a sudden need for freedom.

After years of sharing a live and let live disposition with her partner, she abruptly did an about face and took him to the cleaners financially. They had their differences during the union, but her unexpected take-no-prisoners disposition shocked virtually all their friends. Some of them wondered if she had latent, sociopathic tendencies, but it could be more complicated than that.

Terrible Compatibility Yielding Sociopathic Tendencies

Person A may appear to be a sociopath to Person B, but to everyone else, Person A appears perfectly normal, and likely is. The problem is the natal compatibility, including each person's collective timing.

Bringing out the best, or in this case, the worst, are extremes frequently exhibited in the unique compatibility between two people. It's rare for a couple (personal or business) to have life-long, mutually rewarding, wonderful compatibility.

Demonic Forces or Karmic Payback Generating Sociopathy

Our findings strongly suggest that the origin of sociopathy may sometimes include demonic forces and, or related karmic retribution. For example, someone who is spiritually sensitive, combined with an unhealthy lifestyle, could open the door to dark forces. The person may not be innately of the darkness, but he unknowingly takes on lost souls and even sinister forces producing sociopathic inclinations, generating havoc in his relationships.

Others who are true sociopaths might have had lifetimes of aligning themselves with dark forces; their charm, persuasiveness, and affected compassion and spirituality fool almost everyone, including their mates.

Cut your losses and get out of a relationship as soon as possible if an acquaintance or partner, business or personal, exhibits sociopathic behavior. Accept that some people in this world lack a conscience and it's best to avoid the person for your own mental health and safety.

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