When you posted a moment, how can we know that it engaged with your audience? Statistics can clearly tell us how many people left comments, hit your “Like” button, and shared it on his or her homepages.

It is typically based on the content that you posted that makes your audience think you are cool, leading them to like it. Social media has the magic to connect and engage with audiences using various methods. Nowadays, in the environment of online advertising space, Facebook is a good place to start, especially for the business to customer (B2C) marketer.

Here are some social media secrets for you:

Attract Audience with Incentives

It seems like a trend that your Facebook audience wants to establish an online relationship with you instead of a simple “Like” or “I love your post”. Sometimes you may not have time to reply to all of them causing them to lose interest, and even the terrible thing that is losing your Facebook fans.

However, sweepstakes and giveaways are a brilliant method to let your fans join in with you. They will be more willing to get the gift by just reposting what you said. It is a chance to let you and your fans establish a relationship, and increase your visits.

Although sweepstakes and giveaways need a big budget and are time-consuming, it provides your audience with a highly-relevant activity and can increase the clicks up to several times more than before because of the incentives.

Don’t forget to @ the lucky guy or girl after this activity. That will make him or her feel happy for several days, and they may even post the picture of their gift to show off on their homepage.

Use Emoticons in the Timely Content

Don’t underestimate the meaning of emoticons. Sometimes emoticons have a more powerful impression than plain text.

“Something as simple as a smiley face emoticon in your post can increase likes by 57 percent, comments by 33 percent and shares by 33 percent over posts without them.” - Hubspot reports.

There is no denying that emoticons are more attractive, especially when you use popular ones, which is why everyone may like them.

Moreover, post updates in a timely manner to let your audience know the event you will be attending, including address and exact time as they may be interested to show up and participate in it. Also, don’t forget to share the pictures after the event so that your audience has a chance to pop up in them. That will make you and your audience’s relationship stronger.

Create Your Own #Hashtag with Eye-catching Pictures

What kind of pictures are eye-catching? They could be unique, trustworthy, and creative. Think about the series of photos taken by yourself, a captured moment at work, or just catch something you meet randomly in your daily life. High-quality pictures need time to click the shot, and it’s worthy to spend time on that to display an extraordinary photo.

Apart from that, how do you connect to your audience using keywords? It’s the time that we use the hashtag. It is the key information that your content is about, and it is more findable on websites to catch your audience’s attention.

Now, supposed that #Yourpicture is a hashtag. Your audience will be excited to ask his or her friends to take part in this hashtag because this is a channel that your fans are supporting. Be sure to add a hashtag before the event you are planning, the event as it is occurring, and after as well.

Give Your Audience a Quick Quiz

It’s interesting to do a quick quiz. For example, you can just choose some multiple choices such as your favorite color or which animals you like most to reflect your personality. It is amazing, isn’t it? People will be inquisitive to know. After a few months, they will forget what they chose, and at that time you can post it again.

“People love to share things that kind of represent who they are and say something about who they are.”
- said Melissa Rosenthal, director of creative services at BuzzFeed.

After that, they will rush to know what type of personality their friends have, and it’s a great chance to advertise your homepage. Besides, when people take one quiz, they can’t stop doing them. Give them a link and you will get plenty of responses in your comments.

The link of quick quizzes is shareable and addictive, especially for some popular ones, which have millions of views. It’s a great method to connect with the audience.

“Me too” Tips

When your audience leaves comments, try to reply to as many as possible. It is so important to establish a great relationship with your audience. Admittedly, replying to all the comments is not an easy thing but you can try your best to do that because it’s a great opportunity to communicate with your audience. And next time, they will leave comments as well, in other words, you increase your audience engagement.

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