Solavei is the company that offers no-contract phone service on T-Mobile's 4G network for $49/mo. with unlimited talk, text and data. The company that provides access to T-Mobile's recently announced HSPA+4G state of the art network rollout in 14 large metropolitan markets. It's a company that provides opportunities to new network marketers and struggling network marketers looking for new opportunities with a great product.

A Mobile Service

Solavei offers access to T-Mobile's robust state of the art HSPA+$G network for a $49 signup fee and $49/mo. unlimited. How can they do that? It does not mass media advertise but relies on word of mouth, network marketing and internet/social media to market their service. Those multi-million dollar savings gets passed onto their customers in the form of providing mobile services at half the cost of standard service.

Solavei was launched in October of 2012 as a mobile service with a novel twist. It banks on it's customers to recruit new customers. The company is said to remove the biggest inefficiency in the business model of mobile communication industry: the high expense of attracting new customers. There are no Solavei television advertising campaigns, no splashy, costly sponsorships of sporting and entertainment events; just good old-fashioned word of mouth and the network marketing skills of its associates.

It's Time to Have Your Phone Pay You

The bread and butter, nuts and bolts attention grabber for Solavei is their enthusiastic network marketing team. That is what has this company on the map and gaining ground. When a new customer signs up for a mobile service they become eligible to reduce their mobile service bill by signing up new customers themselves; there are several other companies that offer this too, but Solavei takes it to a whole other level by leaving the opportunity open to almost unlimited referral signing and income opportunities.

After the customer signs for Solavei service he or she is then eligible to recruit their first 'trio'; three new customers that will reduce the original customer's phone bill by $20/mo. as long as the three new users retain their service with the company.

The Rank Structure

Then Solavei users can advance through the ranks as their trios grow and their trios have trios. Those achievement paths are:

1. Social Partner -- When you sign your first trio you become a Solavei social partner. You'll receive a $50/monthly path payment for 4 trios and 1 trio in your personal network.

2. Social Connector - when your 8th trio is signed and you have 2 trios in your personal network. The top of being a social connector has $1000/monthly path pay for maintaining 20 total trios and 6 trios in your personal network.

3. Social Networker -- When you have topped the social connector level you'll become a social networker and gain the ability to earn $4000/monthly path pay by having 500 trios and 12 trios in your personal network.

4. Social Director -- This level offers $8000/monthly path payments at the top for maintaining 1250 trios with 20 trios in your personal network.

5. Social Executive -- You're a network marketing beast; you're earning $20,000/monthly path cash and maintaining 2000 trios with a personal network of 30 trios.

Solavei is a paradigm shift in mobile service delivery and network marketing. Their customer to customer marketing just may change the landscape of free enterprise in America. In a person to person way; this enterprising company takes business back to it's roots.

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