There are so many window treatments to choose from today how does one go about choosing the right fit for the rooms within their home? The answer is simple gain information about the options available, consider the rooms function, style and décor and then go shopping. Below you will find a simple description of a variety of blinds and shades available to purchase. Information gathering and shopping for blinds has never been easier as you can now order blinds online.
This means as you are measuring the windows you can be ordering the blinds and shades. As you are installing the new window treatments you have ordered and had delivered to your door step you can be using the step by step guide online. Homeowners should no longer dread the task of adding window treatments to their homes interior design.
Cellular Shades
• Fashion and function are combined with the use of cellular shades. They offer the ability to be opened or closed in either direction as well as to be ordered with cords to open and close them or cordless.
• Honeycomb cellular shades are available in single and double cell fabrics, multiple pleat sizes and different degrees of light filtering including blackout fabrics.
Real Wood Blind
• Real wood blinds offer a variety of premium woods to choose from.
• Many wood blinds are made from lightweight, warp resistant wood and are easy to clean.
• Wood blinds can be customized either choosing from multiple blinds on one head rail or route less slats.
• An easy lift loop cord is often used for open and closing real wood blinds.
• Real wood blinds tend to be a pricier option when it comes to window treatments
Faux Wood Blinds
• A popular, reasonably priced alternative to real wood blinds is faux wood blinds.
• Faux wood blinds offer the look of real wood without the expense.
• They are resistant to humidity, moisture and heat which helps to build their attractiveness in high humidity climates.
• Faux Wood blinds are also easy to maintain and stay looking new with their resistance to chips, fading and scratches.
• Vinyl Verticals: Work well in a variety of window sizes, including door walls. Reasonably priced.
• Fabric Verticals: Offer a contemporary look to windows and is contemporary as well as easy to clean.
• Faux Wood Verticals: Provide a great deal of light control and are easy to maintain.
• Woven Wood Verticals: This window treatment can be used on a window like a drapery or on a patio door like a vertical blind. It is versatile option.
• Drapery Sheers: This style can be rotated open to softly diffuse the outside light and to view the outdoors through the sheer fabric. They can be closed to provide privacy and more light control. They add light filtering or room darkening vanes to maximize privacy and light control.
Panel Track Blinds
• Panel track blinds can be used to create a clean, contemporary look to any room.
• Panels are offered in a wide selection of light filtering and room darkening fabrics.
• Used in door walls and to section off large rooms as room dividers.
Woven Wood Shades
• Woven wood shades can be purchased using a variety of materials giving a room a rustic, contemporary or modern look.
• Privacy and blackout liners can be used to control light and privacy.
Roller Shades
• Roller shades are perfectly priced and available in a variety of colors and fabric options.
• These are easy to use and controls light well.
• Sunscreen roller shades are used to deflect heat in warm climates.
• Designer roller shades give an artistic feel to any room while maintaining light control.
Roman Shades
• Roman shades combine the beautiful look and elegance of draperies with the fashionable practicality of cellular shades, offering great insulation for your home.
• Available in larger, soft cascading folds for a traditional "hobbled" look or a "flat fold" style, with more understated folds.
Horizontal Sheer Shades
• Similar to vertical drapery sheers only horizontally lay out in your window.
• A very classic look especially for dining rooms.
Mini Blinds
• Mini blinds are offered in a variety of materials including vinyl and aluminum.
• They are inexpensive and readily available in a variety of sizes.
• Good for temporary use as they are prone to collecting dust.

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