SNT or Status is a decentralised coin that holds the power of serving as a messaging network. It is designed for both a desktop and a mobile interface. It engages in active communication with the dApps supported by the Ethereum blockchains. In order to offer better control and accessibility, it is constructed using P2P technology which makes it simple to browse through and interact with the dApps built into the Ethereum network.

The main goal behind the utilisation of P2P technology was to effectively integrate with a digital crypto wallet at the same time send and receive encrypted communications. As a result, there will be more engagement in the Ethereum network.

The information mentioned above is just a glimpse of SNT crypto to help you get a basic understanding of this digital asset. Look further, to know about the characteristics, specifications and working of SNT tokens in detail.

What exactly is Status?

Status is a web 3.0 browser and open-source messaging platform created primarily for use with Ethereum dApps. Status aspires to be a gateway for facilitating peer-to-peer payments and encrypted, secure communication for anybody with a smartphone and internet connection in an ecosystem of decentralised applications (dApps).


Status (SNT) allows every user to:

- Access over 2000 Ethereum DApps to browse and engage with them.
- Send and receive P2P messages that are encrypted.
- Apply it to smart contracts and payments.
- Use the Status wallet to store and manage private crypto assets.

Not to mention, the user-friendly Status ecosystem, which includes a powerful dApp browser and messaging, gives users access to the new decentralised world. All these characteristics and privileges offered by Status Network tokens are beneficial in using Ethereum dApps to the fullest.

How does SNT token work?

Status was created in order to communicate with DApps on the Ethereum network. It performs dual roles as a web 3.0 browser and messaging platform. The Status app enables free trade, P2P payments, and encrypted P2P conversation for anyone with an internet connection. Whisper V5 protocol is used by the platform to assign nodes and provide a decentralised conversation.

Here is a quick summary of the Status network's major aspects to know for better clarity.

Push Notification Market with Decentralized Accessibility

The first key aspect you must know to understand the working of SNT tokens is that Status does not make money from selling client data or showing advertisements, as compared to conventional social networks that offer free push alerts. Instead, it gives service providers a market for push notifications. A user must deposit SNT with a provider if they want to subscribe to push notifications from a DApp. Paying for push alerts may seem contradictory at first, but Status's creators promote it as a benefit rather than a disadvantage.

Ethereum-based service username

Status users can chat without using a reserved username because their SECP256k1 public key serves as an automated means of identification. However, project participants also have the option to reserve usernames with social recovery mechanisms. In the event that they misplace their private keys, it provides users with a human-readable and retrievable access point.

Status Teller Network

A DApp within the main app called Status Teller Network enables users to find individuals nearby to trade cash for virtual goods. The function might aid in capturing market share from LocalBitcoins and other businesses. However, SNT must be paid in order to register as a seller.

Along with these aspects, a trustworthy online reputation system and attention-based signalling are some other parameters to be aware of while exploring this crypto.

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