At SmartPlug, our goal was to not only create a safe and secure electrical connection system, but we wanted to make sure it was easy to install and use as well. Hearing from our happy customers means we’re doing our job right!

Thanks to Roger for sharing his shore power installation review! Check out what he had to say on his blog “Casa Rodante –Our House on Wheels.”

“Our shore power connector is a 50amp twist-type connector. The 50amp cord is heavy and unwieldy, especially in cold weather. I also have a 30amp cord that uses a specific twist-type connector that goes from 50amp on the trailer to 30amp on the cord connector. This twist-type setup is difficult for Roxie to use and getting harder for me. I have also heard of bad connection issues with twist-type. Time to look for another.

I have seen the SmartPlug series of plugs and adapters for a while. Having some potential problems with our connectors made it seem more plausible to upgrade. A friend of mine, Bruce, recently upgraded also and I tend to trust him about electrical issues as he was a power lineman. Time to upgrade. I purchased a 50amp combo kit in Stainless Steel. I also purchased an additional 50amp connector to upgrade a second power cord, but there was a twist on this one.

Everything appears to be working and the project was very easy.

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Smart Plug Systems is a privately held manufacturing firm specializing in power delivery systems. It was founded in 2007 and is located in Seattle, WA. Its flagship product, the SmartPlug, is a patented device positioned to replace the current power delivery system for RV’s, Boats, and a variety of specialty vehicles and miscellaneous industrial applications.