No matter your passion for education and dedication when it comes to academic achievements, you might find yourself falling behind with your studying, sometimes. While it’s rarely your fault, you can easily remediate the situation and find yourself at the top of your class once again. College can be a stressful period and if you don’t adjust your approach to impress even your most exigent professors and secure a successful career in the future.  


Enrol in summer schools to avoid summer learning loss 

According to a recent study, summer learning loss is a real phenomenon that occurs in all students during their summer breaks. 

According to the study’s authors’, students experience knowledge loss worth of a month of studying during this time. However, the same study shows that students from poor backgrounds are more likely to experience summer setback. In their case, the faucet theory seems to be applicable. In this case, the faucet of resources that poor students enjoy during the school year is cut for a long period. They are more likely to fall behind with studying, since their families lack the necessary resources to supplement their learning efforts. 

But, children from wealthy backgrounds are also very likely to experience this phenomenon, especially in topics like mathematics, physics, and chemistry. 

To avoid summer setback, education experts recommend enrolling in summer schools, courses or other educational activities. Summer schools such as
Immerse Education are the perfect environment where you can advance with your academic development, not only avoid summer setback. 

Traditionally, students from different social and economic backgrounds have found tremendous help in enrolling in extracurricular activities of this kind. 


Put an unbreakable strategy together 

Students usually think they have
just enough time to handle all their academic tasks and duties. But procrastination can easily creep on them and make them lose track of important milestones they must achieve. 

To master your academic journey, try to put a well-defined strategy together. Simply put, you should have a monthly, weekly, even daily schedule to follow. This will make you less likely deviate from your academic advancement, and it will help you achieve all your assignments. 

To succeed, try to 
break up every assignment into smaller ones. Try to tackle them progressively, ideally before their deadlines. 

To learn more efficiently, try to research some mind mapping resources, interesting studying methods like the flashcard method, and so on. These will come in handy when trying to overcome your own limitations and stay on top of your studying. 

Avoid procrastination as much as possible

Procrastination is your worst enemy when you try to study more effectively. Apart from falling behind with your studying,
procrastination will also make you forget what you already learned. This will make your academic advancement even harder in the future. Why leave assignments for another day when you can finish them today? This should be a mindset you embrace in everything regarding school and your academic life. 


Use dead time to your advantage

You have your schedule packed with dead time. But fortunately for you, you can
make great use of it. Dead time is the time you spend in your breaks, on the bus or riding home. The worst part about this time is that it is time that it’s unused. Be smart about those precious minutes and use them wisely. You can listen to audiobooks if you’re driving, or riding the bus, you can go over your lessons during your breaks and so on. Do the same during all the time you have to spare, as long as it’s not your relaxation time. Taking a break from time to time will help you tremendously to feel refreshed and ready to study more! 

Improve your studying corner

The environment where you study impacts how successful you are. That being said, make sure you always study at your desk. Keep your desk as tidy as possible. Knick knacks and other trinkets will distract you from studying. Keep your corner tidy and organized. Avoid distractions at all costs. We recommend ditching the TV in your room if you have one. It’s better to limit your entertainment opportunities when trying to study. When studying put your telephone on silent and place it in the opposite corner of the room. It will help you resist the temptation to check it every now and then, and it will help you make the most of your studying time. 

Ditch bad academic habits

Like most students today, you most probably also have your fair share of bad habits. As easy as they are to develop, they are just as hard to get rid of. Bad habits will take away your studying energy, time, and disposition. Next time when you find yourself scrolling through your Facebook feed, remember that you could be using that time to study. Plus, scrolling through social media will only harm your self-esteem and worth. 

So, the same with all the bad habits you seem to develop. They are easy to get, but difficult to kick off. The best way to ditch them is to stop them as soon as you notice you start developing such habits

Never forget about your daily errands

You may be a student, but you
most certainly have your fair share of errands. To master your academic progress, you have to account for those, too. No matter how much you need to study, you still have to find time to clean, cook and do your laundry. You can’t forget about these, no matter how much you’d like. So, when putting together your weekly schedule, account for these small tasks as well. You’ll keep everything tidy and in place while having enough time to study and have fun.


And speaking of fun, you should fit some entertainment in your schedule, too. This will keep you fresh and ready for your exams and weekly assignments. Don’t overlook how important this is when it comes to maximizing your academic performance. 

Author's Bio: 

Cynthia Madison is a professional writer