You don’t have to spend a fortune to host a giveaway event to promote your company or blog. There are many cheap ideas for giveaways that come well within the budget and at the same time can still draw traffic to your site. When deciding on the giveaways item, think of something that can fulfill a small need than things that are of little of no value to the average person. Here are some smart giveaway ideas within budget.

Gift Cards: This is an interesting and cheap giveaways idea. You can provide the winner with gift cards of some specified cash value that the winner can use to buy what he/ she likes. You can buy gift cards in bulk. They are available at almost all stores. It is better if you choose a gift card theme matching your giveaway.

Mugs or Cups: Drink ware is a popular items you need at house to drink coffee, tea or juice. It also comes cheap. You can customize the cups or mugs with your company name, logo, motto or the name of any particular event that you are hosting.

Pens: These items are awfully cheap and useful. You can purchase pens in a wide variety of colors and styles. If you plan for multiple giveaways, then you can order pens in bulk. You can customize these pens with your company logo for the added effect.

Key Rings: This is one of the basic necessities of all people. We all need key rings for our car, business or house. Most people carry key chains wherever they go. These are inexpensive items for giveaways and can help promote your business.

Pocket or desk calendars: This is a useful item that you can provide as giveaways to the contest winners. These items can be used for the personal or business engagements. You can customize the calendars with personalized company information, logos and motivational quotes.

Stress Toys: The stress toys are well liked by the office-goes who need a break from their daily routine. These toys come in a wide variety of styles and shapes. They are typically soft and come in the shape of a ball. You can personalize them by adding your company logo or name.

Notepads: You can also distribute notepads as giveaways to the winners. The notepads can include your business address and phone numbers. These giveaway items are not only cheap but also very useful.

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