It has been noticed that ‘Commonness’ and ‘Ordinariness’ pay a lot and help mankind to relax, and let him feel at ease, comfortable and unfolded. The human nature is built of the psych that it enjoys much more in being common and ordinary. Ordinariness keeps the human being normal. The taste of being ordinary is much greater than the taste of being special. Becoming a celebrated personality may be considered as big success but the real happiness lies in the common touch. The feeling of being common; leads to tranquility. The human being is a weak creature, it happens to be tired, feels exhausted, it becomes ill and at last it dies even being as the most powerful person in the world. Therefore; the more he will be simple, ordinary, and common, the more he will adjust suitabily with his natural built-in psyche and happen to be normal.

Hence; a sense of ordinariness is essential in all human being to get peace of mind. If you are tense or stressed; if you are going through anxiety; if your happiness is lost; if you are approaching the border of madness; stop for a while, take a U-turn and try to become an ordinary man. You can feel ordinariness only through doing the small things in your everyday life. It will make you feel happy. There are lots of things lying around us which can let us feel ordinary or common and can give us peace of mind but we never use it. Either we are not habituated to that or we take those things unimportant.

Even if you are a Minister or a well known leader or a Professional or a VIP, you must do some ordinary things in your daily life on daily basis as it will keep you feel ordinary and common. For example; wash your undergarments by yourself. Don’t leave if for your servant or house maid or your wife. Do it by yourself. Spend some time in your kitchen. Help your wife or your servant in cooking food. If your wife or your servant is preparing food; help her/him little or more. Cut onions, chilies, garlics , and gingers as required. Cut vegetables or chickens or cut meat in to pieces. Grind things if required. Wash the utensils, plates, cups etc. Iron at least one or two pairs of your cloths weekly by your own hand.

Your children returned from the school in the evening you are at home; help then in putting off their shoes and school dress. Help them to keep their schoolbags at proper place. Talk to them politely. Help them wash their face. Comb their head if needed. Your wife is in kitchen and she is preparing some food for your children, initiate to serve them by your own hand. Sit with your children. Talk to them and watch them when they are eating. Play with your children. Talk about their friends. Let them feel free to invite their friends at your home. Help or guide them in their home assignments. Talk to them about their toys.. Ask them if they wish some things. Live with them in a pleasant and humorous mood. Come closer to them as if they feel free to tell you everything they feel. If possible, help your children in repairing their toys, provided that it causes tensions to them. These behaviors will unconsciously change your inner personality from rudeness to gentleness and help you feel ordinary, simple and common.

If your parents are living with you, sit and talk with them. If they need something hasten to serve it by your ownself, whether it is a glass of water or a cup of tea or a piece of biscuit. It will pour a feeling of service and kindness in your heart. You will feel yourself normal and ordinary. Your service to your parent will let you satisfy your biggest psychological need , a need to service.
You have neighbors. Some of them are rich and some may be poor. Don’t escape with anybody. Meet every body. Shake hand with them. Pay more attention to the poors. Talk to them on their problems. Ask them if they need any kind of help. Visit them occasionally. Invite them on dinner. Don’t hesitate to accept their invitation if they call you. Accept all invitations for dinners mandatorily if it is within the distance of 12 kilometers. Accept the invitation of the poors on priority.

There are many small things most essential which can bring simple changes in our life provided that we do it by our ownself. For example; polish your shoes by your own hand if you can. Wash your socks. Water the plants. Feed your pets if any. Change your bed sheets and pillow covers by your own. Clean your desk or monitor or key board. Rearrange your book shelves fortnightly or monthly. Clean the glasses of windows. Wash your car at least once a month if possible. Sometimes; use to sleep up on the floor away from the bed room. If some visitors come, open the door by your own. Serve them water or juice or anything by your own hand even if you have servants or house maids. When the visitors leave, walk few steps down to see them off or help them to take a taxi. It will minor your sense of proud. It will teach you to be real, simple and strong.

Living in high profile never satisfies a human being at all. The mankind always enjoys freedom. He feels at ease when he feels free from all sorts of eyes watching at him. He wants himself to become free from penetrating eyes time to time. The dignitaries always seek ways to escape protocol. Many of them enjoy when they break the protocol. It all happens to satisfy the feeling of commonness which is off course a need of our life.

Commonness is the source of lightness and happiness. Specialty and extraordinariness cause certain pressures on our psych. The more we will act simply, the more we experience ordinariness, and the more we will be able to lighten our hearts and feel relaxed. Once a top rank dignitary of a country, while travelling in U.S.A. through a car, stopped at a shop and purchased a packet of chips by himself. I assume that through doing this he may have enjoyed a lot. As it was nothing but a mere experience of commonness for the statesman.

I want to restate once more the gist of this article that a VIP, a dignitary , a Minister or a high profile professional has not much time to these things nor it is possible for each of them to do so ,I only want to recommend those behaviors, more essentially when the anxieties arise and we feel distress. I have found all those behaviors conducive to create the psychology of being common.

After a big religious congregation which took place in India in 1985, a meeting was called to evaluate whether such kind of huge gathering should be allowed to congregate in future or not, the assertive opinion of a VIP was surprising to everyone who while talking in favor of such type of gathering in future, asked that such type of congregation must commence in future as it was his first experience in his life that he was treated as a “common man”.

So the feeling of commonness, ordinariness and simplicity which comes from small things can be used as a tool to get peace of mind; and to overcome the anxieties which emerges from the uncommonness and specialties of life.