When I ask business owners how their business is doing, I get one of these answers:

Business is going on well but I get too tired at the end of the day.

My health is not in good shape and I am unable to devote much time to do my business.

Do you fall in one of this category? If yes, then you might want to find out how you can do well in business and buzz with energy at the end of the day. To run a smooth and profitable business, YOU as a business owner must keep yourself in good shape. How can you do this? First, make it a priority to watch your energy pattern during the day. When you focus on watching your energy pattern and make a decision to do activities that decrease your distress, you feel better and buzz with energy.

Here is one way to monitor your three daily habits that contribute to your energy:

Each individual is different. What may make you buzz with energy could make some one else drowsy. Hence, decide today to make it a priority and habit to watch and RECORD your EATING HABITS for the next 21 days. Does your food digest well if you chew well? Are you buzzing with energy when you have protein drink for breakfast? Do you feel fresh and energetic when you have more salads and fruits? Should you be increasing your water intake? Are you unconsciously avoiding intake of supplements? The key here is to record. You can record in a Notebook or any electronic device. When you record/write down it attracts like a magnet and your brain automatically triggers you to take action. Once you have determined the eating habits that help you boost your energy, you can STICK TO IT and it is not necessary to record every day. Whenever you feel an energy drain, do this exercise again.

Secondly, decide today to make it a priority and habit to watch and record your PHYSICAL ACTIVITIES for the next 21 days. Do you feel better if you jog or walk every day or every other day? Do you like and feel good to clean your room or do laundry? Do you enjoy doing it in the morning or evening? Do you like to exercise in a public place like Gym or in your home? How is your posture and breathing pattern affecting your energy? The idea here is to decide, be aware and do the activities that boost your energy and avoid physical activities that drain your energy.

Finally, decide today to make it a priority and habit to watch and record you MENTAL AND SPIRITUAL activities for the next 21 days. This is difficult to monitor, unless you make a conscious effort to write down and become aware of your THOUGHTS. Do you feel peaceful and serene if you start your day with meditation or Yoga? What makes you angry and guilty? It could be an unhealthy environment or negative thought. Do you buzz with energy when you read some empowering personal development books?

You may wonder how the above exercise can affect your business. When I did the above exercise, I became aware of my energy patterns and consciously did activities that increased my energy. Hence, I started feeling better. When I felt better, I was buzzing with energy to devote quality time to my business and family. I am now able to run a profitable business and fulfill the needs of my family.

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