Large glass sliding doors often present a challenge when searching for the right shades or blinds to cover them. If you are looking for a window treatment to fit your sliding door you do have several options. The most popular by far are sliding door blinds. You can find these specially made to fit your door size, and they are easy to hang and use. One of the only options that you will find that allows you to easily open and close the blinds to allow sunlight in, or shut it out, and that you can easily slide back for door opening.

The most common type of sliding door blinds are available in vertical PVC. A convenient wand controls whether the blinds are positioned to open or closed, and also controls the sliding mechanism used to move the blinds along a track in order to have easier access to opening and closing the door. The blinds come attached to an upper piece and are hung on a sliding track. Attaching the blinds above your sliding door is very easy to do yourself and generally doesn’t create an issue.

Vertical PVC sliding door blinds are available in a wide variety of colors to match your interior décor needs. They are easily affordable, and are one of your best choices for quality and ease of use. Although they are in appearance quite thin, these vertical blinds have proven to be exceptional in their ability to block sunlight.

Proper use not only prevents unwanted people from seeing into your home, it can also help reduce your energy bills. Large windows like those seen on sliding doors let a great amount of sunlight into your home when uncovered, which heats up the house causing your air conditioner to work harder at keeping your set temperature. Blocking the sun with the use of blinds prevents this from happening, saving you money and keeping you comfortable. Whatever size sliding door you have, there are sliding blinds to fit it!

Sliding Door Blinds

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