Cosywoollen caps not only help in keeping your head toasty and protecting your ears from the assaults of the harsh winds of the chilly winter but also works as a piece of stylish accessory and adds to your look. You can pick really stylish winter caps for girls, boys and adults alike. However, it can be quite a struggle to pick one from the plethora of options.

The beanie hats or skull caps are one of the most versatile caps for winter. This winter wardrobe essential is available in a variety of colours, materials and can be styled in various ways while also being quite affordable. Here are the things that make beanies the best winter cap of all times and for all ages. And, we also tell you how to pick the best one for you.

1. Knit Materials

You can find beanies in acrylic wool as well as pure wool and premium wools. Acrylic wool is the most budget friendly option. The texture of the wool is quite soft and non-irritating which makes it a perfect option for kids whose skins are much more sensitive than adults. Acrylic wool is perfect for moderate winter. If you stay in harsher winters then you should be investing in pure wool winter caps as they provide you with the most warmth. However, if you want luxurious softness combined with the incredible warmth then winter caps made of premium wools like angora wool is your best option?

2. Style

You can get beanies in two different styles – one that fits snugly over your head and the other with a baggier fit. The snug fitting skull caps are perfect for a more formal setting while the baggy beanies have casual street style written all over them. If you are prone to headaches then we suggest that you go for the baggier style rather than the tight one. But if you need to wear helmets or other headgears on a regular basis then the tighter skull caps are your best friend.

3. Colour and Print

You can find these bad boys in every possible shade of the spectrum. However, try to build your wardrobe around neutral, darker shades and earthy tones which are very winter appropriate. They can also be styles for casual as well as formal events equally well. When it comes to prints, tribal prints and stripes are really cool to sport during the winter. But, if you want to make a fashion statement then a skull cap in a bold, neon colour is just perfect to add as a pop of colour to an otherwise neutral, monochromatic outfit. You can also buy winter socks of the same colour or print and make a cute fashion statement.

4. What to avoid?

Now, let’s start by saying that there are no fixed rules in fashion and if you really love something then you are obviously free to rock it whichever way you like. But, if you want to dress in a way that is fashionable by the most conventional sense then you should be avoiding the following in your caps.

• Pompoms
• Tassels
• Fringes
• Offensive cuss words or graphics

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