Being pregnant is a wonderful time for women. Pregnant women have the “Pregnancy Glow”, her hair tends to be fuller and grows faster and pregnancy is only a privilege granted to women only. There are several downsides and one is skin tags.

Skin changes during pregnancy if your are luck will be “Pregnant Glow”. Yes people will commit on how great you face looks. Some people will claim a woman is most beautiful during pregnancy. During pregnancy your body is producing 50% more blood and there is more blood circulation thorough out the body. Resulting in the face appears clearer and brighter. The body is producing hormones darkening freckles and moles. Skin tags may develop in pregnancy generally in the under arms, folds of neck, torso, eyelids and or under the breasts.

What Are Skin Tags?
Skin tags are known as acrochordon. A small stalk-like piece of hanging skin. Tags can range in diameter size from 2mm to 5cm. Skin tags tend to be skin color or slightly brown. Skin tags are benign tumors prevalent in older people. Overweight people, diabetes suffers, heredity and for unknown medical reasons some people are more prone to skin tags. In pregnant women skin tags growth are encouraged by hormonal changes.

Are Skin Tags Painful?
No, skin tags are not painful unless they become twisted, irritated or infected. These conditions can be a result of jewelry or clothing rubbing against the tags.

Skin Tag Removal
All methods for removal would only be suggested after you have given birth.

- Freezing skin tags with liquid nitrogen
- Cauterizing skin tags
- Surgericall removing tags

At Home Skin Tag Removal:
- Chemical and natural plant based skin tag removers should NOT be used by pregnant women. Chemical or plant based a topical tag removers can penetrate the skin allowing foreign substances into the body.

Good News
Many times skin tags will dry-up and scab and fall off on their own. For those skin tags that do not fall off after pregnancy women can consider medical or home skin tag removal treatments.

Living With Skin Tags While Pregnant
• Keep skin cleansed. Wash face and body with mild unscented cleanser. Cleanse face 2-3 times a day. - Keep body moisturized with unscented cream or lotion.
• The skin is more sensitive during pregnancy and the sunlight darkens pigments (freckles, moles and skin tags). At all time use a sun protection. Consult doctor for safest sun protection for pregnant women.

• On sunny days block the sun with a hat or umbrella. - Avoid cosmetics with mercury.

• Hot baths and showers can dry the skin. Wash with mildly warm water.

• Warm and hot weather can irritate and intensify itchiness. In warm weather wear cotton loose fitting clothes. Remember that skin tags may become irritated by form fitting clothes.

• Do not take any over-the-counter medication without consulting with your medical provider.

Enjoy your pregnancy this will be one of the most joyful times of your life. After pregnancy there is natural, 3 day remedies for skin tags no surgery, leaving no scars and no pain.

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