Are you a beginner looking for simple internet marketing training materials and resources? The reality is starting an internet business is really not that difficult at all. The problem is many so-called gurus make things difficult for complete beginners. Either that, or they do not give the full picture, but only bits and pieces of the actual system.

Speaking of system, starting an internet business is simple if you follow a proven system. The reality is, it is a really easy system, and in this discussion, I’ll give you a sneak peek into some internet marketing training materials that people normally pay for.

So the first step to start a business online is pretty much researching on a market. You will need to do your own keyword research as well. But before you do that, decide on what niche you want to target. Now there are lots of niches that you can pick from, and if you go to an affiliate network such as ClickBank, you are going to find a myriad of products in various niches that you can promote in your business. Since you are starting out, I highly recommend that you pick just one product to promote. Then, you can move on to keyword research. Go for keywords that depict that the buyer is interested in finding a solution. For example, if the buyer wants to know how to lose weight, you can target keywords such as “weight loss tips” or “diets to lose weight”. Be sure to save those keywords somewhere because you will be using them later. Also, you will need to generate your affiliate link for the product you have selected.

The next step would be for you to get yourself a blog or website. Now, you could sign up for a free blog on Blogger, but I highly recommend that you get a self hosted WordPress website just so that you can control. This step requires you to write articles based on the keywords you have selected. At the end of the article, place your affiliate link.

The final step in this internet marketing training would be for you to drive some traffic. For starters, you may take the articles you have written and submit them to article directories, but instead of placing your affiliate link in them, you should place the link back to your website. This is because article directories do not allow affiliate links.

I hope you have a better understanding of this system. This internet marketing training which I have given you is what many people pay to get, so I hope you have benefitted from this.

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