Do you know that you are not safe anywhere, not even your workplace? According to statistics, working environments recorded almost half of all accidents last year recording almost 300,000 accidents resulting to Work related Injuries throughout the UK. This is despite the wide belief that the UK is one of the safest countries to work in.

Work related Injuries can be caused by various means. You can get injured even if you only have the slightest of slips, trips or falls in an office, a shop or warehouse. You can also be injured in or by vehicles used in the workplace such as forklift trucks. It is also possible to encounter injuries through manual handling and lifting accidents. Electrical accidents, accidents involving chemicals and industrial illnesses caused over a longer time period, illnesses such as mesothelioma, Vibration White Finger, hearing loss, eyesight damage or RSI (repetitive strain injury) can also happen at work.

If you've been suffering from an illness caused by your working environment or have been involved with an accident at work, you are entitled to claim compensation for the loss of earnings, the expenses you incurred while recuperating and the damages you suffered from the accident physically or mentally as long as you are not the one to blame.

It is a common law in the UK that each employer has a responsibility to care for the welfare of their employees, with the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 acting as the basis of their legal obligations in relation to your health and safety at work. If you have suffered Work related Injuries and you have proof to establish that your employer is indeed negligent of their duties then you have strong grounds in making a complaint and filing a compensation claim.

As a definite example, it is important that employers guarantee that the premises and machinery you're working on is safe to use, and that safe working practices are set up and followed. Materials must be handled, stored and used safely and sufficient first aid facilities are supplied.

Can you see this particular regulation in your company? What happened when you reported your incident? Maybe procedures have been tightened up since but at the time was the machinery properly maintained and working properly? Had you been trained on how to use the machinery or handle hazard chemicals or substances? What about flammable or explosive hazards, electrical equipment, noise and radiation? Was your working environment properly ventilated, lit and heated? Were you provided with protective clothing and was there adequate signage warning you of risks? Were emergency plans in place in the event of an incident?

If you suffered Work related Injuries and you believe that your employer is somehow negligent of his duties then you have the right to make a compensation claim. It's time for you to look for a solicitor specialising in accident at work claims. A solicitor who has the experience and expertise to assess your case and give legal advice on the right course of action to take.

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