How simple is your life? How real are you living? Is your life filled with complicated situations or the need to be something that you are not?

It is so easy in a world that runs at such a fast pace and full of technology; to make things complicated. Many people get wrapped up in worrying about being good enough, solid enough, presentable enough; and really in just being enough. This can be a really vicious cycle for anyone.

This may start with something as simple as wanting to do a good job at work, or wanting to be liked by someone that you have an interest in, or even wanting to make your parents or others proud to know you. However, this is also a life that is based on living outside of ourselves; living by other’s thoughts and opinions. It is a life that becomes complicated. This type of life, is not one where people will find the fulfillment; no matter how much they measure up or surpass the perceived expectations that they are living in.

I have noticed, that so many today are really afraid to be themselves, to express their likes and dislikes. This may come from fear of offending others, or fear of not being accepted, or fear that they will disappoint others. However, again this can only be when we are living to please others.

This world from the time we are born brings in aspects of having to achieve certain things within certain guidelines, and working based on the standards that others have set for us. Such as a child that needs to learn to walk by a certain age, or have certain skills developed at a certain point. Otherwise they are deemed “slow”, a “problem”, a “disappointment”, and many other terms that may be used which lay the foundations of never being good enough and accepted for who we are.

As adults we carry this over into careers by trying to get ahead, make a good impression on the boss. We have to achieve certain skills to progress or be promoted. We are pushed to do more, take on more, have more. More, more, more. As in you have to have more than your neighbor, friends, or be more successful than your parents were and give more to your children.

How ironic is this? This often leads to being something that we are not; and it is in this “cover up” and trying to do the piece that others find important that we can easily forsake our own special light and gifts that we are here to shine. A lack of fulfillment takes over as we move faster and faster in a shell of something we are not. It is in this space that we often will come to a screeching halt; often known as a wake up call.

This is something that Wayne Chater knows all too well. He had a love and passion for music, and poetry; but set it aside for other things in life. His “wake up” call came in the form of a brain tumor.

I can relate to this having been through some strong health issues as well in my path. Mine really shifted me to a life that led me to simplify and to be real; to step out of worrying about whether others approved or didn’t. To embrace what was really me whether anyone else liked it or not. It made me slow down, and simplify.

This should tell us something. Divine presence isn’t outside, it is not in the fast paced hustle and bustle of getting ahead in the material world and in pleasing others. Yet, it is very evident in the simple things; and very visible and available when we slow down.

We experience this often with a true vacation. We experience this when we take time to be still and do for ourselves. SELF is actually coded to the energy of Divine Presence and Energy. It is when we allow ourselves to be real in the world; that we give people the chance to really love us. This is because we are sharing the spark of the Divine that we carry within us. It is not about being loved by everyone else in the world; but about being our own spark of light; and that light is simple, raw, real from within.

The rose does not try to be a pine tree; and the pine tree does not try to be a grape vine. The color blue does not try to be red, and red does not try to be yellow. Each embraces what it is, and simply lives fully as it’s true self. Be what you are, and not what you are not.

For many being in this space is scary as it requires a certain level of vulnerability. However, when willing to surrender and experience this space we find it is not scary at all; but liberating, energizing, and yes fulfilling. It is here that we connect with Divine abundance and euphoria.

What are you doing to live raw? Are you keeping things simple in your life? What can you do to more fully be yourself?

Jesse Ann Nichols George

Code Interpretor

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