Silver projections of the future are rosy. This is a precious metal that is used in 2,000 different industries and should be at a 10:1 ratio, compared to gold, according to some experts. Silver is not just a precious metal. It is also used in manufacturing. It is the highest in electrical and thermal conductivity of all the metals. Due to the high price of gold contacts and conductors are made from silver. Silver nitrate solutions are used when creating some disinfectants. It is used in the negatives found in photography. All reasons why silver is called “the poor man’s gold.”

Silver is moving more than gold in the run since 9/11. Compared to the prices at the time of this writing silver has moved 9.75 fold ($4 to $39) compared to gold which is 5.59 times the returns ($285 to $1594) since 2001. Silver discovery and production usually takes five to 15 years. While silver is a byproduct of gold mining it is more typically found with lead, zinc, copper, or other minerals. It is found mostly near the earth’s surface, around 1,000 and 5,000 feet, and the altitude of a silver mine is found between sea level and 3,000 feet. It is believed, by many, that most of the silver that will be found has been found. This is one of many reasons for there being a limited supply of this wonderful metal boosting the value.

I have been sounding the warning cry since 2001 to prepare family, friends and acquaintances for a bleak future ahead. Most of us will carefully place our heads in the sand choosing to ignore what is going on around us and hope for the best. While hoping for the best is a positive step forward we also should be wise by planning for the worst. We certainly would be foolish to believe that the government will be there to help, when push comes to shove, and it will reach such a crescendo.

The idea is to actually own physical silver and gold rather than certificates. What good are precious metals when printed on paper? There is less physical silver out there than can be backed by paper. Imagine how silver will rise when people try to cash in their stocks someday. The price of silver will go through the roof. Be wise by avoiding disappointment through taking a closer look at silver projections of the future.

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David Barth has espoused the need for Gold and Silver coin ownership since 2001. Click here to see a presentation on how to own a Numismatic Business.