Are there significant signs your man is cheating?At some point, you may realize in the middle of the relationship that it is no longer working, that it is not healthy anymore and that you are not happy to be with each other's arm.

Any suspicion of cheating or doubt in the relationship can put a great tension in the relationship.You want the relationship to be built on trust yet things just come so unexpectedly and unconsciously.So, do you believe that your man is cheating on you? What happens when that trust is broken? How can you repair that trust?
At some point, you will be convinced that your man is really cheating, but there are also times that you would waver to take some steps to really confirm the issue.So, why look back instead of moving forward to know the real signs?They actually know it, but they choose not to know it because they do not want to get hurt. But, no matter how you want to be blinded to prevent painful feelings, you still need to face the truth to overcome those fear and for you to resolve the conflicts between the two of you.Now, before it can be so hard for the relationship to mend, you need to have a grasp on the different signs your man is cheating:

Changes in Physical Appearance
Do you feel that your man changes physically?He may have transformed totally from ugly to handsome. One of the strongest signs that your man is cheating is when he suddenly changes physically.He always wants to have a new modern style of clothes, perfumes, new hair style, etc.You really have to check on their sudden makeover because cheating men find ways to look good for othersBe more observant especially when your man is not that very vain with his clothes and hair; your man is doing this may be because he wants to impress the girl.

SEX – he initiates sex more often
This is also a common sign.When he gets home he usually initiates sex.It could be a sign of guiltEven if his drive heightens to make sex, you know that it's just nothing but sex - no emotions at all.

Is he emotionally so out of reach?
When you are partners for a very long time, it is normal that the intimacy might be lessened.There may have been times that you are sticking to each other and there are also times that you enjoy time being alone.This is still a normal situation in every relationship.When you feel that your man is emotionally distant to you, it is a warning sign of a possible cheating.He used to laugh and throw jokes before and now he’s been so flat. You may even observe him uneasy and preoccupied with so many things to attend to plus his emotions are very hard to predict.Is he physically present but mentally absent?If you really feel that he is so emotionally distant, then something is wrong outside the relationship; go and figure it out!

Almost daily overtime and goes home late
This could be one sign as an excuse to meet with that someone else especially if overtime is unlikely done by your man before.He calls you that he'll be late.He starts to have lots of office trips and gets even excited about it. Ohh, something fishy!

He does what he loves ALONE
If he decided to go to the gym or engage in some sports, you want to join, but he always refuses to come along

His cell phone has become his second shadow
When you observe that your man is holding his cellphone everywhere he goes, that could be a sign.You may be shocked that your man is carrying his cellphone with him even going to the bathroom or when he sleeps, the cellphone is beside him.The cellphone could be one of the primary communications of your man and his new love affair.

Invalid reasons
He’s already good at covering what he’s been doing.You can observe it with his lesser eye contact with you and when infidelity topic is discussed, he tends to avoid it.So now, when you try to force him to tell the truth, he becomes defensive and mad.

Frequent computer activity.
Computers today are widely known not only for net browsing but also a good way for communication. If your man is learning to be active in online networks and chat rooms which make them spend many hours using the computer, then that could be one sign.When you try to draw closer to him, he tries to minimize the screen or cover it up with his 2 hands.Computer can also be your husband’s means of communicating with his new love affair.

Less time, less chance to be together.
Of course, when your man is cheating, he cannot give you all the time because at one point he also gives some time to someone else, which in turn will be lessened your quality time together that even on weekends he goes out without giving you enough reasons to leave.

This article is of help for all the cheated partners reading this, and this is not meant to make a bitter relationship.The signs mentioned above will really be of help for the cheated partners to know the signs whether their men are cheating or not.The important step of all the signs, it's your instinct plays the bigger role.Your gut feeling is of help because there are great chances that you are right of what you really think.So when there are significant signs your man is cheating, take an action because you know you deserve it.

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