If you are depressed and lonely after a split up, you are most likely on the lookout for even a subtle signs your ex still loves you. It seems unbelievable that they could break up with so easily.

While it is hard to know if your ex still has strong feelings for you because all relationship is not the same, there are some hints that you can try to find to know whether your ex still cares about you.

5 Signs Your Ex Still Loves You

1. Your ex hasn't begun dating someone new. When your ex moves on and doesn't have feelings for you anymore, they begin dating someone else. If your ex hasn’t started dating anyone else, there's a probability that it is for the reason that they still care about you.

2. Your ex wants to spend time with you. When your ex says that they just want to be friends, and they are serious about it, they are going to still want to hang around you. This proves that they still have strong feelings for you and that they still want you back.

3. Your ex stares at your when they are discussing with you. When you love someone, you look at them while talking. If your ex is no longer interested in you, you might notice their eyes flitting across the room as if they were looking to speak with another person.

4. Your ex lends a hand to you when you need help. It is difficult to fall back on an ex at the time you need help, however at times; they’re the best person to look up to. For instance, if you call your ex for the reason that your car broke down, and he or she comes to get you, there is a good probability that your ex still cares about you.

5. Your ex touches you casually. When we don't have any feelings for a person, we attempt to keep away from touching them, particularly if we don't want them to think otherwise. Therefore if you notice that your ex freely touches you, even if it is letting your legs touch if you sit close to each other or brushing something off your sleeve, they most likely still has feelings for you.

Certainly, even though all the signs your ex still loves you are there, reuniting might still not be easy. There were actual causes for the break up and if you approach your ex in the wrong manner you can in fact mess up your odds of getting back together-- even if they actually do still have interest in you.

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