Are you in search of signs your ex still loves you?

Here are a few signs that show you what your likelihood are in winning your ex back.

It is significant to know the signs your ex still loves you, particularly if you recently broke up and you are in search of ways to get back together.

Is your ex acting like they don't care about you anymore? Do you wonder if they have moved on? Maybe they are seeing another person. Even if this is the case your ex may still have strong feelings for you, and the best way to know how they truly feel is by watching out for some of the following signs:

4 Signs Your Ex Still Loves You

1. Your ex contacts you often

This could be just sending a little text message, sending you an e-mail, or making a quick phone call. If something is constantly happening and they are always coming up with reasons for getting in touch with you, this might be one of the signs your ex still loves you.

2. There's your ex...again

If from time to time you bump into your ex or they are always showing up wherever you are, even though it appears to happen by coincidence, this is a sure sign that they still have strong feelings for you.

3. They can't let go of the little things

Not letting go of mementoes from a relationship is a positive sign that somebody wants to reunite. It might be something little like pictures of you two, clothes, or jewelry. Your ex may say they want it for some other reason and that's the reason they're holding on to it, however more often than not this is one of the surest signs your ex still loves you.

4. Your ex keeps trying to impress you

If you have recently broken up and suddenly your ex is boasting about how wonderful life is, looking great, and working out, this may be a sign that your ex is thinking about getting back together.

Certainly, even though all the signs your ex still loves you are there, reuniting might still not be easy. There were actual causes for the relationship coming to an end and if you approach your ex in the wrong manner you can in fact mess up your odds of getting back together-- even if they actually do still have interest in you.

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