Getting over your ex boyfriend can be very difficult to do. The wounds from the break could still be open for now and pain can be aggravated when songs, messages and all other things that remind you of the relationship are present. People who are from a broken heart find it so hard to cope up and feel some point of regret. There are also some people who can feel some non particular signals to their exes. When the ex boyfriend did take an initiative for the break up, they can still show a little evidence of wanting to be reunited once more.It is important for exes to understand whether or not their ex boyfriend wants them back. The following are the 5 typical signs that your ex boyfriend still likes you and get involved with your life once again.

He's Still Calling You
A call from your ex means that he has not moved on yet and he's still not over you. If your boyfriend is still calling you, he still likes you. He may want to hear your voice, or he may want to see if you still have a connection with him. Either way, you know and you feel that he likes you.

He's Still Texting You
Texting after a break up is similar to calling after a break up. Texting or calling means your ex wants to really get in touch with you to check what you are doing, to see what keeps you busy and to know how is the break up is affecting you. If your ex boyfriend is still texting you incessantly, he still likes you.

He Shows Desire To Catch Up With You
Most often, after the break up and some time, partners end up being friends. However, getting over the break up needs some time. Thus, when your ex boyfriend one month after the break up wants to catch up with you at that early, it is possible that he still likes you.

He Wants to Take You On a Date
Once you are asked with your ex one simple question, you start to doubt that he still likes you. So when he asks you for a date, his heart is still with you, A date only shows that your ex wants to get back into your arms again, and such action is one move of showing that, "hey, can we start again into something new?"

He Communicates With Your Friends
Ex boyfriends that still like their girlfriends are going to talk to their friends. Reaching out with friends are made because your ex wants to know (indirectly) how are you now and if possible asks for some reconciliation. If your ex talks and asks your friends about YOU all the time, he still likes you.

Certain kind of actions seen from your man will really make your feel that your ex boyfriend still likes you. For some signs such as texting you or calling you, it may be misleading so don't barely depend on it. Do not simply say that he likes you when the signs are present; think of the situation well. Take time to consider it first as you think between your emotions and options.

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