This may not be new because people have been using their mobile devices for a long time to buy and sell goods and products. In fact, in our own country, mobile phone sales have been booming for almost a few years now, because people have become more aware of these devices. But in fact, what is new here and different from the past is the scale of this practice. If you compare the use of mobile phones and the Internet to buy the goods they need with the past, you will find that today, with more mobile traffic users of digital devices make much more purchases online than before.

Why SEO and mobile Friendly is important for Mobile marketing?

We all want to increase our sales, increase engagement and get the best possible results from our website. For this reason, in this post, I will introduce you to three important and powerful tasks to improve your SEO or website for visitors and Google. Well let's get started!

  • Optimize speed

It does not matter if you want to optimize for mobile or desktop, speed improvement is something you should always do to monitor and improve. These are the quick downloads that will help you succeed. You will find out with a simple test on Page Speed Insights and Pingdom. Another important factor involved in speed compression is text compression with GZIP. But I think this compression is enabled by default.

  • Image size optimization

Image optimization can speed up your site and is also an important part of SEO. Here are some steps you can take to optimize your image size:

  • Optimize image size with Photoshop (or any other program). These programs usually reduce the image quality to reduce the volume.
  • You can reduce the size of your photos by downloading apps like web apps like Squoosh.
  • Lastly, make sure that the dimensions of your image fit the format of your site. You can select and preview different dimensions to make sure.

Browser cache

Browser cache is the way your browser stores web files, so you do not have to reload all site data each time you log in. Browser cache saves time. There are many ways to do this, but if you use WordPress, the easiest way is to use a plugin. Most speed optimization plugins support browser cache and set them up at the right time for you. Two of the best plugins are WP SuperCache and WP Rocket .

Optimize scripts

You can upload a JavaScript and CSS file to beautify and animate your website. But in the end, these extra files only slow down your website. To optimize JavaScript, try the following:

  • Do you really need these JS and CSS? In some cases, you do not need them and use them while your website is very slow. For example, JS and CSS are loaded for slides, there are options for slides that work better and do not require additional code.
  • Compress the codes! We call this process "downsizing." Google has provided some good tips on how to compress this code. Simple scripts and useful websites can help you reduce the extra code. Most systems have plugins that help with this. Like Magento Fooman Speedster (free and paid).
  • Can some of these scripts be combined into one code? So that everyone sends a request? Yes! There are still plugins for this. If you have smaller JS components, they may be combined.

Mobile optimization

You may have heard this a lot, and the reason we brought it up here is because it's important. Many people today use mobile to search; From January 2019, instead of the desktop version, Google will determine the ranking based on the quality of the mobile version. So, the mobile version of your website is very important. Let's take a look at optimization methods for it:

Task-based design

Take a look at the mobile version of your website. Imagine that you are a new user and you are just seeing this website. Is your website ready to meet the needs of that user? Focus on a work-based design. Ask yourself what the four or five main goals of a visitor to your website are, and make sure these are present in the mobile version of your website.

Performance based design

Do you upload large photos to your site? In a mobile version of the website, we want to find what we need and get out of it as soon as possible. Unless it is a news website. Factor load time in the mobile version of websites, especially when the mobile speed is slower than the desktop version. Make sure your design and content are not overly dependent on large images, unless you have a photography website that optimizes images as much as possible so that it is acceptable to visitors.

Write great content

This is important for both mobile and desktop versions. They both need great content. The best strategy is to add the first paragraph to any part of the site that is relevant to the article. In this case, tell your visitor what your page is about. In this case, they can more easily decide whether to read the continuation or not, it will definitely increase your user experience. Remember that the first paragraph should be interesting. We suggest the article " How to create SEO content?" Be sure to read.

Serve your content in the appropriate format

There are many ways to submit your content to Google, Facebook and visitors. It's your job to discover what that is and to bring it about. Some of them take more time to implement. Let's look at a few important things.

Better social sharing: Open Graph

Open Graph was first introduced by Facebook in 2010. This technology helps to better display content to your users. You can add Open Graph to your website through plugins. These plugins act as a summary of your social networks. Open Graph is separate for each template and you should set it so that it does not damage the design of your website.

Fast reading on other operating systems: AMP

The purpose of AMP or Mobile Acceleration Pages is to provide users with the best mobile experience of your website. For example, if users want to read only one article, AMP only gives it to the user, or if you have a store website, AMP focuses only on the product that the user wants and removes a large amount of heavy data. You can transfer AMP to your website using the plugin. You can view the AMP report in the Google Search Console.

Tell Google what your page is about

By adding to your website, you create a summary of structured data such as Open Graph for any other site or search engine that wants to use your content., for example, helps Google add your company to Google Maps. It is important to submit your content in a suitable format to other places on the website, so we recommend that you use it.

Do not forget the internal link!

I know I said 3 quick tips for SEO, but this is one bonus I want to share with you. Internal links make it easier for users and search engines to understand your site. This is why the right internal link strategy can boost your SEO.

A quick summary of 3 quick SEO methods

Well, here's an overview of what we said: First of all, you can improve your site by optimizing images, browser cache, and script compression. Second, focus on the mobile operating system by having a performance-based design and writing great content for the mobile version. Third, make sure you serve your content in a fast format by using Open Graph and using AMP correctly and adding to your website. That's right, now you are ready! So, let's start optimizing, good luck!

Tools that have greatly contributed to the spread of this type of shopping include software, online store builders, social networks such as Instagram, etc., which made people more eager to shop online in the coming years, and this model is preferred to other shopping methods. . But the big question is, how much more widespread will this practice be this year? According to the statistics and data obtained from the amount of people using mobile phones to buy the goods they need, it has been concluded that in 2020, sales will reach 284 billion dollars, which is a 45% increase over previous years, which is a dream. For Internet businesses. It can be said that if this trend continues in the coming years, physical businesses such as stores and shops in the city may face a lot of problems and online shopping will become the main way of shopping among the people.

  1. Nature is always changing social networks

In recent years, social networks have been able to establish their foothold among Internet users. For example, today you can hardly find anyone who does not have Instagram or Telegram installed on their mobile phone, and in fact, these software’s have become an integral part of people's mobile devices, especially the people of our country. The results of research conducted by experts show that in fact, over time, the percentage of people who use the social network Instagram is increasing rapidly.

With these interpretations and considering the above-mentioned cases, it can be said that marketing on social networks can be an effective way to quickly grow your business. All of these issues can be attributed to the proliferation of mobile phones and other digital devices such as laptops. In addition, in cyberspace, in addition to text, you can use other tools such as short films, photos, stories, etc., each of which has a much greater impact on the mind of the audience than the text, and it can be said that you are always in the minds of the audience. They keep.

Now that you understand the importance of this issue, it is enough to think a little about the brands that have remained in your mind from virtual networks, brands that are advertised by influential people on Instagram. Therefore, in 2020, the content of social networks is expected to change a lot and create more and more audiences for businesses, and as a result, the number of people who will be brought to your site for shopping through these networks will increase dramatically. . 

  1. More than expected mobile games

Predicting the size of mobile gaming can be very difficult and challenging for you. In 2007, a very large portion of the gaming capital came from the sale of game consoles such as Xbox, PlayStation, and gaming PCs, and there was still little news of mobile games. But in today's world, 57% of the total capital in the video game industry belongs to mobile games. This growth is more than expected by mobile games not only by gamblers, but according to data obtained in 2020, 213 million Americans use video games on their mobile phones and tablets, which means that this figure includes ordinary people. So, it must be said that mobile games are becoming much more popular than ordinary people or professional gamers than you might think.

But you might be wondering what the rise of mobile games and the proliferation of mobile gamers has to do with mobile marketing? The answer is simple. When a stimulating issue such as mobile games attracts so many audiences to the mobile world, it means that tens and maybe hundreds of thousands of people go shopping for a mobile phone or tablet every day just because of these mobile games. Of course, most of these people will not just play with their smartphones and will soon realize that there is a business-friendly market in the mobile world, which makes them potential and sometimes loyal customers of your business.!

Last year, Netflix, one of the world's top online television media outlets for online movies and series, announced that it saw Fortnite as a more serious competitor than HBO. Fortnite is a computer game, but HBO provides movie and TV series services in the same area of Netflix! This may sound strange, but with a little thought, it might be worth considering, because games can keep people busy for hours, and ultimately, when it could be spent watching content on online TV networks like Netflix, it was spent playing games.

Now suppose you can advertise between these games or even when installing these games. In this case, your business will definitely take a new and evolving approach. So, thanks to smartphones, the gaming industry and computer games have become one of the most effective media channels through which you can make money. The amount that is displayed daily by in-app ads or so-called (In-App Ads) in games is so high that it may be hard to believe!

In addition, there are many games that have in-app payments, and a user who is interested in playing may spend a lot of money to enjoy the game more. Therefore, it is recommended that if you specialize in designing mobile games, get started sooner and use your ideas to design an attractive but lucrative game.

  1. High quality in-app advertising

Despite the popularity of mobile apps, many marketers and business owners are struggling to use advertising effectively, often because customers do not have a good online shopping experience and robot frauds are very common these days. Therefore, it will be very difficult and challenging to form a company that can easily gain the trust of customers.

Of course, this can be said to be declining in recent years, and traditional frauds are declining rapidly as business owners make a concerted effort to create a highly efficient way. The result of these efforts was the launch of various advertising systems and platforms. One of the most interesting and at the same time the most profitable advertisements is in-app advertisements. The results show that this model of advertising has a targeted effect, and if a user is forced to buy a product once in this way and is finally satisfied with his purchase and spending money, he also recommends this issue to his friends and acquaintances. People who trust the cost of the Internet will increase.

Thanks to these changes, which include local advertising, in-app advertising, industrial advertising, and video advertising, people are expected to increase their spending on software and in-house advertising dramatically by 2020. It is interesting to know that several Iranian startups have made huge profits from this issue and have grown their business considerably. Fortunately, you can still deliver effective ads through a variety of methods, including Google ads within games or apps, to drive large audiences to your business. Snapp is one of the largest companies in this field that has gained a lot of profit with the help of this type of advertising. 

  1. The incredible impact of targeted and temporal mobile advertising

Smartphones have achieved far-reaching and unattainable goals for marketers and business owners as the possibility of offering situational advertising to customers is growing rapidly. Not surprisingly, this combination of location and time has proven well that it can have tremendous impact and performance. That is why all brands, from local dentists to global retailers, are charging high costs for such targeted email advertising, and this approach is expected to multiply in the coming years.

  1. Significant increase in audio and video marketing via mobile

Because smartphones and tablets offer so many opportunities to deliver visual content to everyone, marketers sometimes ignore ads that are created using sound. Contrary to many people's beliefs, this is a mistake. Although the effect of sound is multiplied when accompanied by an image or video, still content that has only sound (such as podcasts) or radio commercials is still effective for a specific segment of the population.

Due to the lower cost of audio ads, you can place your ads on podcasts that are doubly popular among mobile users today, especially if they are among the most attractive podcasts or related to your field of work. According to statistics, 51% of mobile phone users spend many hours outside the home every day. Nearly a lot of these people, especially when they are in the car, connect their cell phones to the player and listen to the podcasts. This is a point for many businesses to get their targeted ads to the audience through these podcasts or online radio programs.

In fact, targeted mobile traffic is situational and temporal, using relevant ads on related topics. For example, when a user goes to an online store to buy a laptop, after selecting the desired laptop in the shopping cart, products related to this product such as protective cover, mouse, laptop bag, etc. are also offered to the user. The excitement of buying a laptop, and of course the need for these accessories, may also buy these accessories. The cost of doing this type of advertising is expected to grow tremendously in 2020, rising from $ 27 billion in 2019 to $ 31 billion in 2020.

But as mentioned, the impact of video and video content is many times greater than audio content. Fortunately, mobile marketing has made it possible for you to convey your messages to your audience in all of these situations. Networks like Pinterest for photos or YouTube for videos are great platforms for mobile users to market and attract visitors and customers.

  1. The potential benefits of smart mobile shopping

As you know, mobile advertising is becoming more and more powerful, and this is mainly due to the powerful platforms that are systematizing and making advertising tools more systematic. These platforms use new technologies such as artificial intelligence, and this has led to a new generation of smart and highly targeted advertising.

Although in the past shopping through mobile platforms was a bit unreliable and also difficult, today the software of online stores, which is often used by mobile devices, uses intelligent systems that the buyer can reach directly to the desired product by filtering and many other personalization’s. As a result, he can make the best possible purchase for himself. This is also a great help to business owners because they too can easily find their customers and sell them the product and goods they are looking for.

Systematic shopping is becoming commonplace among customers. For example, 69% of the goods available in online stores are expected to be sold by customers this year through this type of personalization, which means that advertising will be more efficient and effective. This can bring brands to a higher level and much greater reputation through targeted mobile traffic marketing.


Mobile marketing is new and emerging marketing. But it must be said that this type of marketing does not have the trial and error of other types of online marketing and has directly entered the profit cycle for Internet businesses. If the importance of mobile marketing had not been given much attention before 2020, after 2020, and especially after the introduction and establishment of the fifth-generation mobile networks or 5G, the rules of the game in this issue will surely change a lot.

We all work with our smartphones and tablets every day and we are always looking for something that we can buy and sell online anywhere and anytime. Thanks to the existence of smartphones and the super-fast internet of the fifth generation, now in a few seconds we can browse websites, buy the goods and services we want from online stores, travel on social networks and in general, almost anything. An internet marketer needs it in our hands.

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