Versatile personalities are creative and have a knack to achieve their goals by overcoming difficult situations. They never give up at the face of adversity and take up every challenge as an opportunity to learn and grow. These people are a source of inspiration for others because they leave no stone unturned to transform their dreams into reality.

One such dynamic personality with the zeal to make an impact in Indian cinema is Siddharth Chandekar. He is a renowned figure and an excellent actor of the Marathi film industry. In this issue of Insights Success a business solutions magazine, lets join Siddharth on his inspiring journey towards excellence.

The Beginning of the Voyage

Initially, Siddharth did not have the aspirations of becoming an actor. Although he did some acting gigs in his childhood, he was always passionate about becoming a chef. After completing his 12th standard, Siddharth wanted to join a catering college. However, life took a turn, and he got an opportunity in his first television serial, ‘Agnihotra’. After working in the show, he realized the vastness and beauty of acting and decided to choose it as a mainline career.

Challenges along the Way

Siddharth states that he did not face major hardships throughout his career. He was fortunate enough to work with legendary actors such as Sharad Ponkshe, Mohan Joshi, Vinay Apte, and many more in the very first chance. However, for Siddharth, the greatest challenge was to live up to the expectations of his mother and the great actors he had worked with.

Opinions about Marathi Theatre Culture

Siddharth believes that Marathi theatre has always been the most important part in Marathi entertainment industry. He opines that even the most talented actors of Bollywood also have experience in theatre, and almost every Marathi actor has done theatre. Siddharth is of the opinion that theatre is the first school for aspirants who want to pursue the career of acting.

Upcoming Projects

Speaking about his future projects, Siddharth states that he is doing a Marathi television series known as ‘Saang tu ahes ka’. Apart from that, he is also a part of an upcoming film called ‘Jhimma’. It is a travel film about a women’s only tour to London. Siddharth is further associated with a forthcoming romantic web series on MX Player.

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