Should I Text My Ex Back Or Ignore Him: Ex Keeps Texting Me Even Though I Ignore Him

Does your ex-boyfriend still text you after you dumped him? Does it irritate you? Or does it make you realize his real value? Some men still bug their ex-lovers through text messages because of several reasons. But how will you know what these reasons are?

Being in the "my ex-boyfriend still text me" situation can be very flattering and confusing at the same time. If you are sure that you want him back, then you must know how to read the message behind his text. Look for the signs that he wants you back and learn how to respond appropriately. But the question is this: how will you tell him that you feel the same way too without feeling guilty for what you've done?

Saying how sorry you are doesn't have to be difficult especially, when your ex-boyfriend has already begun to show signs that he wants you back. Here are some things that you can do once he starts texting you.

Tip #1: Send Simple Replies

Usually, you will find your ex-boyfriend texting you out of the blue. Yes, it may feel awkward, but this is the perfect situation for those women who are waiting for their ex-lovers to contact them. If you are one of these women, you need to send him simple replies like "ok", "yes", "good" and so on. Sending long messages will give your ex-boyfriend the idea that you miss him so badly which makes him confident enough to think that he can get you whenever he want.

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Tip #2: Read Between the Lines

This can be difficult as your instincts may be clouded with too much emotion at the moment. But there is a simple trick to this. If he suddenly says "I'm just checking how you are", this means he is thinking of about you. If his text says "When can I get the things I left in your apartment," don't take this message seriously as he is not serious about it either. He is just making excuses to see you or talk to you. Don't reply to his text messages immediately. You need to think about his real motive and the reasons why he is suddenly interested in you. Don't fall for his trap, instead, learn to manipulate his game.

Tip #3: Ignore Your Ex-Boyfriend

If you really want him back, you must do your best in ignoring his lame attempts of contacting you. This is not easy for a woman who wants her ex-boyfriend back, but ignoring him will help you pique his interest. Not sending replies for his text messages will drive him crazy. Because you gained his interest back, he is no longer satisfied with sending text messages and calling your number. Your ex-boyfriend will now do his best to get a date with you.

Tip #4: Go Out on a Date

After sending short replies to his text messages and sometimes ignoring him, give him a chance and go out on a date. During your date, make sure that your conversation is light - and subtly remind him of the wonderful things that you shared together.

Don't panic if your ex-boyfriend still texts you. This is the best chance to win him back so don't waste it. Starting to learn the techniques and methods of winning his interest back begins with these four tips.

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I want to know how to get him back. Please show me how to bring back the good times. What happened to our love? Where did it go? The four simple steps below will show you how to get him back and make him come back to you.

1 - Realize that it may not be possible to win him back overnight. If you try to rush this important process, then you may make mistakes which will do far more harm than good. Be aware that this is a gradual process. Start slowly with a simple wave or hello. Keep it as simple as that. Eye contact is most important in this basic communication.

2 - Introduce conversation gently, and slowly. Try some small talk when the opportunity arises. Short and simple chat is the aim. Keep the lines of communication open without giving away anything which will tell him your real feelings. Keep him guessing as to what's going on in your head. This will give you an air of enchantment, which will pull him back towards you. Let him realize that he is not your top priority, and while you may be talking to him, you are eager to return to your friends or your family. You are prepared to chat with him but do not want to be monopolized by him. So, just to drive home the point, a little flirting may be good for you.

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3 - Always look your best. This will both make you feel good and make you attractive to your friends, other men, and of course your ex. Don't let yourself go in any way, because this will have the effect of demoralizing you and making you unattractive. You need to look and feel confident, which is both attractive and sexy.

4 - Make him feel good to be around you. If you want to know how to get him back, then you need to learn how to make him want to come back to you. Remind him of the good times that you shared. Talk about good memories from your life together. Emphasize the highlights from your relationship, and make sure that he enjoys reminiscing, this will subtly make him want to come back.

You are, at this stage, aiming to be friends with him. When he wants you back, when he is ready, he will surely let you know. When you become his friend again, then you can gradually open up to him, and share some happy, friendly moments. When his feelings for you return, then he will definitely let you know.

Never rush these steps. Never be needy or desperate. Respect yourself. You are both confident and attractive, and you have what he needs. So be sure to play it cool and allow him to be attracted to you. Things are what they are. If it's meant to be then you will surely learn how to win him back.

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If your partner has walked out of a relationship then it is vital that you accept this bitter fact instead of trying to fight it.

Use these subtle moves on how to get back a lost relationship and win your ex back into your life.

Acceptance will lead to calm
Instead of getting agitated or frustrated in your bid to stop whatever has already happened, it would be wise to accept the fact and let your partner move out of your life, while all the while thinking that this is only a temporary move.

This acceptance will lead to calm nerves and a cool mind that will now be in a position to implement a reunion.

Build up your confidence first
If you are totally shattered and end up making half-hearted attempts to win back your ex amongst loud sniffles then you will not succeed in winning back your lost love.

You need to go back in there with your head held high and with complete confidence. Half the battle will already be won if you think that you can.

Accept your faults
If you were at fault before the breakup then you need to accept your faults and apologize in a mature manner to your ex while also explaining the concrete steps that you have taken to avoid such problems in future.

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Stay within sight, but do not stalk
Since out of sight might lead to out of mind, it is vital that you stay within sight of your ex, for example at parties, etc.

However, do not try to approach your ex or stalk him or her in a bid to plead for a reunion. You should maintain a respectful distance from your ex so as to slowly create pangs of regret within him or her.

Take care of your body and mind
You will now need to re-attract your ex and the best way to do this is to take care of your body and mind.

You should ensure that you remain fit and happy at all times even if you do not feel like smiling. This will make him or her feel insecure and repentant of leaving you in the first place.

Start out with a simple cup of coffee
Instead of directly asking for a reunion meeting and freaking out your ex, ask him or her over for a cup of coffee.

Both of you can start out with a little casual conversation even as you gauge each other's response. If you feel that your ex also seems miserable without you then you can ask for another coffee meeting after a few days.

Plan that perfect reunion meet
Once you feel that there is real progress being made in your reunion attempt then you should plan out that perfect reunion meet.

This meeting should address all tricky issues that might have plagued your relationship in the past so that they do not pose a problem in the future.

These subtle moves will allow you to get back into the sights of your ex, allow him or her to regret the breakup and also compel him or her to fall right back in love with you.

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You've just come out of a long term relationship and the only person you love is no longer with you anymore. You had a huge argument and your ex called it quits. You've argued lots before but this time they have gone forever or so it seems... You can make your ex fall for you once again don't worry. You are otherwise convinced that your ex doesn't ever want to see you again but it is important to remain upbeat.

It is human nature that you feel this way; everybody does after a relationship; you're not the only one! It's natural to say things we don't mean in the heat of an argument. Straight after any argument you feel that you have done nothing wrong and that it is completely the other persons thought. But then, after a few hours or possibly days, it strikes you that you really should not have said it and regret it entirely.

This is exactly the reason why you have to take time out to get over the ill feelings you have for one another. In order to make your ex fall for you once again, you have to make sure that you have a clear, fresh mind. You have to make sure that your mind is clear of all the nasty, ill thoughts of your ex partner and the same is applicable to them.

When you are feeling slightly better about the whole situation and have come to terms that you are on your own; learn to go out and enjoy yourself. Relax with friends and have a laugh with them or do things you love doing whether it's working out at the gym, horse riding, shopping; anything.

The best thing about this is that you're not just enjoying yourself but your ex is also getting over the break up and will start missing you. It's a win-win situation... you're out there enjoying yourself and your ex starts to miss you. Your ex will fall for you once again just because you are spending time on yourself. Try it for yourself.

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