Should I end my marriage? I have been wondering about this on and off for over a year, ever since I met another woman who is sexier and more beautiful and young than my wife. Please do not get me wrong, she is quite nice, and she is quite sexy, but she is just not up to the mark when it comes to the best I can get. Valerie is the best I can get and will not put up with being the woman on the site, the mistress, the sex bit, she is too sure of herself and too popular to need to put up with it. She gave me an ultimatum where it is her full time and no wife anymore or it is over.

The other day wife and me argued non stop because she thinks it is wrong that I am often staying in the office in the evening working over time - which is not true, I am really with Valerie, but can hardly tell wife the truth. She was moaning about me being out a lot, but if I am indoors with her she is usually busy chatting to her sister on phone or watching those ghastly boring soap operas, so why be there?

Valerie has given me twelve more days to make my decision but she insists she will not be messed about. If I mess her around she will end it once and for all, no turning back. I could not bear that. The thing that makes it difficult is that wife and me have two little kids and I would not see them much. She would probably be difficult and try to stop me out of spite.

Valerie is planning a huge wedding, a holiday to the Bahamas and a big new house. It all sounds so exciting.

The psychic reader I spoke to on the call centre line got it all wrong! She told me that my wife has another man. No way is this true. She finds me exciting and fulfilling and has no need for anyone else. Another of those tarot readers at an agency told me that my wife is thinking of leaving me! No way is this true.

Tomorrow is an exciting time for Valerie and me. We get to spend the whole night together and we get to do whatever we want for hours.

The one person I can chat to about this - in real life - says that I have no guarantee that things will work with Valerie,that she might go off with another man one day or get tired of me seeing the kids, she even thinks that Valerie is only after my money since I won the lottery a few weeks before we met, how stupid can she get.She came up with all sorts of negative ideas that are untrue. All I want is understanding and support.We live one life and cannot waste it. I feel very sorry for my wife that she is not exciting and sexy enough for me, but that is life. She should have tried harder and made more of an effort, maybe this will teach her not to take her next man for granted.

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