Should I ask for a rise at work? I took this job about three years ago with a promise that after approximately two years - if I worked hard and applied myself well - I would get a rise. But it has now been nearly three years and there is no sign of it. Do I ask? Do I point out and remind Mr Jenkins of his promise or do I bide my time and wait a bit longer?

It seems very unfair to me as I have worked very hard, have often worked through lunch, come in Saturdays, stayed evenings, come in early and much more, all without any sort of extra pay, and because I wanted to prove myself. There is a sign of a possible promotion now, where someone is going to be promoted to be the new manager of this branch, and they never bring in outsiders for such posts, it is always someone from within being promoted. Outsiders would not be able to get to grips with it the way someone who has been here for a while could.

I would love to have this new post, it would be a great promotion, and they do not come up very often, it could be the best and only promotion that could come my way for ten years. So will I spoil my chances if I remind them and ask for a rise?

The tarot card reader I consulted warned me to wait another eight weeks first, because she could see that they were thinking about offering me the promotion and would probably tie this in with a substantial rise at the same time. So all things being equal and looking at the whole picture I will take notice of what she said and be cautious and take things slowly rather than maybe mess things up because of rushing. If nothing has been said to me in eight weeks - or if they do not offer me much - I will then have to reconsider and maybe move to a bigger branch, which means more travelling, but it would mean more recognition and better terms. The tarot reader did warn me that I might have to move elsewhere as somehow my boss may be taking me for granted here and that would never change.

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Beth Shepherd a psychic medium, tarot reader, therapist and relationship expert with 40+ years of experience as a tried, tested trusted expert trusted by professionals, experts, newspapers and magazines.