Just like clothes, shoes too need special attention. However attractive your dress is, if your shoes are tedious, your look will automatically turn unexciting. Shoe photography is performed for shoe dealers, shoe manufacturers, shoe brands, etc. all around the world by some of the major shoe photographers. Shoes captured without a foot in it or with a foot create different impact on the viewers. Shoes come in a variety of designs, styles, colors and sizes. The ability to view a shoe from various angles is what a photographer is an expert at. Shoe photography covers all the angles of a shoe from the sole, the design, the stitching and the outer part of the shoe. This increases the customers experience and also augments the chance of online sales.

Shoe photographers keep into account a number of things before capturing shoes.

1: Using an LCD screen camera: When a photographer is clicking photos of shoes, he makes it a point to capture it from a camera with a LCD screen. LCD screen helps in adjusting the frame when the camera is placed so close to the ground. Ones that the photographer gets close to the feet, LCD screen helps in tuning the shot. It also enables the photographer to shoot from different angles. All you have to do is point and shoot amazing images.

2: The lighting: Light plays a huge role while capturing any kind of image in a camera. Products like shoes need special attention of lighting in an image. Professional photographer, who has years of experience in shoe photography, makes use of unique lighting techniques to bring in unusual effects and clarity into the picture. If the image lacks proper lighting, then it will make the shoe look poor in quality and always divert the customers mind.

3: Consistency: A professional photographer in the shoe photography industry know very well about the idea of being consistent. Consistency is needed in every field as it helps in maintaining a theme of the image. Every photographer has a special idea of capturing images. Keeping the same focal length and frame of the image, the photographer has to remain consistent to make all the shoe images and different angles have the same effect on the viewers. This way when the images are uploaded in the website or are published in a product catalogue, the theme of the pictures is maintained making it far more interesting.
4: Color and exposure adjustment: Sometimes when the shoes are seen in an image, their colors seem to be dull making the image look lifeless. The two most extremely technical things about the camera are the exposure and the color. Ones the shoe is captured in a frame, you can change color in Photoshop, but over exposure drops the content of the picture. These are some technically changes that are difficult to adjust later.

These are some of the important elements that a photographers needs to keep in mind while capturing a shoe in a frame.

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