The ability to reach out and ask for help isn’t something that comes easily to some folks. Pride keeps them from showing their vulnerabilities. Fear keeps them stuck. But when they make that little shift and see that the asking is as much a gift as it is a favor, everything changes. Fast.

Dropping the facade of bravado and opening up to the magic of friendship is a pretty remarkable feeling. Once the facade is gone, a whole new perspective rises up and shines like diamonds on a sun-lit morning. In the blink of an eye, the feelings of ineptitude vanish, replaced by feelings of empowerment. Letting go of the heavy burdens of pride makes for a much lighter, free-flowing energy that can lift you up and out of the muck. It really is a pretty amazing thing.

Watching this transformation is nothing short of a miracle to behold. To see the eyes sparkle, watch the smile creep onto a face, feel the shift of energy ripple out to anyone nearby, all these things are proof that asking for help is part of our own evolution. Once this shift is made, all manner of people and circumstance show up to help us even further. Kinda like a dam that busts open…allowing the rush of healing waters to wash over us and cleanse the spirit. All that ickiness gets wiped away. Just like that.

Perhaps the biggest challenge for those who’ve yet to embrace this truth is doing it for the very first time. Facing the demons of exposure is pretty scary. To bare your secrets to another person requires utter trust in that person. Once tried, if that trust is broken, it only makes it harder to try again. But when the trust is honored, and the request for help is met, a whole new world opens up. Shift happens again…and again…and again. Suddenly you’re there, standing to face your Self, wondering why it took ya so long. Funny stuff, that “hind-sight”.

It has been said that the only way to eliminate fear is to face it head-on. To stand up to that boogie-man and tell him to hit the road. Bullies only pick on the fearful. And so it is with our own demons. We create them, we can take ‘em out. Simple as that. Don’t think you aren’t ‘enough’ to handle it. You are. You are fully capable of slaying those dragons and moving on to your best Self. All you have to do is take that first step. Give it a go. Let yourself shift…even if it’s just a tiny one.

It’ll make all the difference in the world.

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Camille Olivia Strate is a Blossoming Being currently residing on Planet Earth. Writing, educating, hanging out with her critters, gardening, and feeding people are among her greatest passions. For more info and/or to purchase a copy of her book, "Whispers: The Often Subtle Sometimes Rowdy Voice of Truth", visit her site at: