An authoritative figure in ART and fertility medicine, Dr Gautam Allahbadia has had many credits to his name, one of which is his catalyst role in development of assisted fertility reproduction in developing countries, and introducing IVF Lite – a better substitute to conventional IVF.
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What is Dr Gautam Allahbadia’s educational qualifications?
Dr Gautam Allahbadia’s role in IVF developments
Is Dr Gautam Allahbadia’s currently practicing in Dubai?
Dr Gautam Allahbadia’s Family

What is Dr Gautam Allahbadia’s educational qualifications?
Dr Gautam holds an MD degree from Lokmanya Tilak Municipal Medical College, and an FNAMS from the National Academy of Medical Sciences, New Delhi.
Both an avid researcher, and a practitioner in IVF, having written over 150 peer-reviewed publications, 134 book chapters and edited 27 textbooks, the latest being a comprehensive text published by Springer International, entitled Minimal Stimulation IVF. He is also on the Editorial Board of several International Journals.
Following a 12-year tenure at the University of Mumbai affiliated Bombay Hospital Institute of Medical Sciences, the doctor then turned towards full-time private practice.
He is a noted world authority on Ultrasound-guided Embryo transfers and one of the pioneers in Third Party Reproduction in Southeast Asia. Dr Gautam Allahbadia was responsible for India’s first trans-ethnic surrogate pregnancy.
He has played an active part in developing in ART and fertility medicine, through his partnership with the World Association of Reproductive Medicine (WARM), headquartered in Rome, where he was elected as the Vice President, and also “Mumbai’s Top Doc” for 2012 by a peer nomination process.
Dr Allahbadia was appointed as the youngest president in the history of Mumbai Obstetric & Gynecological Society (MOGS) in 2009-2010.

Dr Gautam Allahbadia’s role in IVF developments
Dr Gautam Allahbadia is an authoritative figure in ART research and development, and has, over the years associated himself with chief organizations, to further train professionals through his acquired knowledge and expertise. His path breaking publications on Tubal Patency Testing using Ultrasound were published in the Australian Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology & the Fertility & Sterility in the USA while he was still a resident doctor.
The senior reproductive endocrinologist has helped train gynecologists in 17 private Rotunda franchisee IVF centers across India between 2000-2012.
His successful third party reproduction program at Rotunda — The Center for Human Reproduction (now run by his wife) was highly acclaimed, which made it possible to achieve successful pregnancies in patients from across 40 countries.
Also highlighting his conventional IVF alternative "IVF Lite”, the doctor made a statement:

"IVF Lite's thrust is minimal stimulation; in conventional treatments, couples are given high doses of fertility injections, aimed at making multiple eggs. We have fine-tuned a method wherein a minimal amount of medicines (10 tablets for ten days, and about three injections) are given with results as good as conventional IVF. The main difference in IVF Lite is that for all the patients, we freeze the embryos in the months they are removed from the woman's body, and once we have the requisite number of embryos in the next months, the uterus is primed, making it more susceptible to receiving the embryos. That increases the pregnancy rates to 70-80%. We are proud to be able to offer this program, also having the most experience and research with it. Women who were previously told that they couldn't conceive their own genetic children, also have a chance at getting pregnant now.”
Is Dr Gautam Allahbadia’s currently practicing in Dubai?
Currently, Dr Gautam Allahbadia is a Consultant in Reproductive Endocrinology & IVF at the Millennium Medical Center, DHCC; Canadian Specialist Hospital, Dubai, DHCC Dubai; Dr Amal Elias IVF Center, SZ Road; Bourn Hall Clinic, Jumeirah, Dubai, UAE as well as Indo-Nippon IVF, the world-renowned infertility clinic at Mumbai, India.
The doctor has been in the news for his services, both in India and the gulf region. See the doctor making it to
He also came on the other side of the table to speak about IVF and how it has helped childless parents procreate on the famous UMA Show. See link:
Dr Gautam Allahbadia’s Family
Ranveer Allahbadia, the son of Gautam Allahbadia, is a fitness trainer and a YouTuber. He is famously known for his YouTube-led career through his channel “Beer Biceps.”
Along with his interest in the diagnosis and management of infertility, Dr Gautam Allahbadia is particularly committed to assisting the couples in completing their families. With the doctor being dedicated in clinical patient care, his intent to do research stays strong. He is co-editing the worlds most comprehensive Textbook on Assisted Reproduction for Springer to be released in the USA in 2020.

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