Article Title: Sharing a few Thoughts on Writing International English for the WWW

Author: Craig Lock (Eagle Productions NZ)
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That's a metaphor, btw!



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Here is my "dime's worth" (see learning "American English" , or at least your expressions already) on the subject of writing for an international audience on the world wide web. The Web is a mix of different international cultures (even amongst English speaking nations), yet there may be differences in understanding and interpretation of your words with different peoples. Still the "net" offers you an opportunity, unique in history, to target and speak directly to millions of potential customers at minimal marketing cost.

Some commentators advise that if you want to be listened to, speak to them "in their language".
I only partially agree (but then, I'm always breaking the rules - story of my life!)...

When I write articles for "the international market" of the net, I don't target particular countries and try to adapt my writing style.

I've found that people around the world don't seem to mind the fact that I may use "funny" words or spelling - small details, like "s's" instead of "z's", color or long as the grammar is reasonably correct.

I just try to write in my "natural style" and try in bring dashes of my "funny/weird humour - one in which I feel comfortable
(seeing I was brought up in South Africa with British English) and suggest you writers do the same. Let your unique personality come shining through the phone lines.

Incidentally, I put this short note at the end of many of my articles (especially in the past, when my confidence on the web was still growing)...

"PS: Dear Americans, please excuse my British English spelling. Very Colonial!

I just write and use my own style and spelling, one that I'm accustomed to (sounds funny that ending sentence in a "preppie").

To sum up...

My advice is just find your "natural style" by writing as you speak- as practice writing in your "natural style" breeds confidence.

Then submit your articles to ezines and announcement lists, like Article Announce, Free Content, Article Publish, Publisher Network, Read-My-Articles, The WriteArticles, Free-Reprint Articles, Free Ezine Content, FreeWrites, ArticleSubmission and Netwrite-Publish-Announce (this was written "many many moons ago", so some of these publications may have disappeared by now- things do move very fast in the new world of the net!). Also to high traffic and popular web sites (check out Google). We find this marketing method by far the most effective means of getting traffic to our various sites (and one thing then leads to another)... and best of all it costs nothing, but a little time and effort!

Make sure your layout is good (not one of my strong points!), as this greatly enhances your prospects of getting published.

Hope this may help you "spaced out readers out* there in cyberspace".
Enough "outs" - bad grammar "out-of-it, Craig!)

Happy writing and as the famous shoe company's slogan says...

Just GO FOR IT and happy writing

Craig Lock (Eagle Productions NZ)

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- craig

P.S: On re-reading this short piece, found I used a lot of "eyes". Very
"ego-centric" (big word). Sorry, but didn't know how to write it any other way based on my experiences!

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“Together, one mind, one life at a time, let’s see how many people we can impact, empower, uplift, encourage and perhaps even inspire to reach their fullest potentials.”