One of the worst things you can experience as a homeowner is a sewer backup. A sewer backup occurs when a blockage prevents wastewater from flowing through the sewer line that connects your home to the municipal sanitary sewers. The obstruction will cause your sewer lines and drain pipes to fill up until it eventually overflows. After that disaster, you need sewage cleanup immediately.

Similar to water damage, sewage backups can cause cosmetic and structural damage to your home or business. Sewage is likely to contain mold, parasites, viruses, and bacteria that pose a significant health risk to humans and pets as well.

The most common causes of sewer backup are clogged sewer pipes, tree roots growing in sewer pipes, cracked or collapsed sewer pipes, sump pumps routed into sewers and problems with municipal sewers.

In those cases, you had to contact a sewage cleanup company. The best one is CPPR24 Restoration. We can help you with the cleaning and ensuring that the risk passed totally.

To clean up after a sewage backup it’s important to prevent lasting damage and keeping you safe. After an elementary estimation, we will use professional-grade equipment to extract sewage and water, then to dry out the entire area. We will take away the affected materials, sanitize and disinfect, prevent mold, deodorize, and restore your home or office to its original condition.


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