Entrepreneur, is the one who assumes the responsibility and the risk for a business operation with the expectation of making a profit. It takes courage to be an Entrepreneur. To assume the responsibility and the risk for a business operation, he needs to learn to conquer fear. Conquering fear is not a RESULT, but a PROCESS. Here are the seven steps to conquer "fear of unknown".

1. Acknowledge that you do fear something. It could be in your personal or career or business life.

2. Identify the type of fear that you are you facing. Is it fear of failure or fear of success or fear of unknown. Most often, it is the fear of unknown.

3. How does this fear show up for YOU in your feelings, emotion and action? For me, it shows up as sadness, heaviness in my heart and procrastination.

4. In my experience, when I take care of my feelings, I get to control my emotions and actions. When you feel (how ever way it shows up for you) the fear, ascertain its level or intensity (1-10, 1-feeling very good and 10-feeling totally depressed)

5. Figure out a way, to bring the level from 10 to 1. As each individual is different, you may use a different method to accomplish level 1. To give you an example, for me, the fear shows up as heaviness in my heart. When I feel that way, I do tapping on various energy points as suggested in Emotional Freedom Technique Manual. This helps to clear the disruption in my body's energy system and diffuse the feeling of heaviness. If it does not work, I just bring myself to the present moment, by writing down all the things I am thankful for. When I express my gratitude in writing, my attention shifts from lack mentality (which causes fear) to abundant mentality. This makes me feel very good ( level 1). Now, you can use your unique method to bring your feelings to level 1.

6. As I mentioned earlier, when I am in fear, my emotion shows up as "sadness". After doing step 5, When I feel very good and liberated, my sadness is transformed into CONFIDENCE. After bringing your feelings to level 1, I want you to check how your emotions have transformed.

7. As I mentioned earlier, my fear shows up in the form of procrastination. I tend to avoid doing important tasks that MUST be done. Having worked on my feelings and emotion as in steps 5 and 6, I now have the confidence to take ACTION. In other words, I am all set to take ACTION confidently. I want you to work on your feelings and emotions in a similar manner and find out how your action has transformed.

Don't underestimate the power of above steps. It has proven to be a very effective system for me and my clients.

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