October 10-16 is Build Your Business with Business Cards Week. Business cards are one the most inexpensive ways to promote your business. But, if you go cheap it can also hurt your business. Let’s take this time to review what is on your business card and the quality of the card. Go ahead pull out your business card and let’s take a look at it. My seven tips below will help you maximize your business card so you get the biggest bang for your buck and present you and your business in a positive manner.

Seven Tips to Building Your Business with Your Business Card

1. Use quality card stock. Do NOT ever attempt to print your cards at home. Cheaply made cards will destroy your reputation. They look cheap and you do not want your business to be regarded as cheap or substandard. There are many resources available to you online and offline that will print your cards for next to nothing. Do not accept the free version. Prepare to upgrade to heavy card stock.

2. Glossy or Matte. Glossy business cards are pretty but the recipient cannot write on the card. Matte cards can be purchased in regular or heavy card stock and allow for writing a note or appointment on the card. You will need to consider how you or the recipient will be using your card.

3. Use the back of the card. Do not let the back of the card remain empty. Think of it as prime real estate. Use the back of the card to promote your services, offer a customer loyalty program, or include details for the next appointment. It does not cost a great deal of money to use the back of the card. Many places will print the back in black ink for free. Think of the back of the card as free advertising space.

4. Font. Make sure everyone can read your card. Cutesy fonts are often hard for people to read. Use a font that is large enough for everyone to read. I have several cards sitting on my desk that I can’t read. Before printing your cards have the proof evaluated by people of all ages to include those that do and do not wear glasses.

5. Color. You will want to use your brand colors on your card. Do not use one color for your website and another for marketing materials and then another color for your business card. People want to see consistency. People respond to consistency. When they know your brand and can easily identify with it they are more apt to see you as a real business owner and not a fly by night contractor. When choosing a color make sure others can read it. Black business cards seem to be the rage but I for one have a hard time reading them. I can actually feel my eyes trying to focus. When a black card is combined with a cutesy font it is a nightmare to read. You may think it is easy to read because you know what it says. Solicit feedback from others before having thousands of cards printed.

6. Logo or Photo. Are you your brand? It is ok to use a photo on your business card. Again, make sure it is appropriate and can be seen. If you have a logo you will want to use it on your card. I have seen people put their logo on one side of the card and their picture on the other. People resonate with people. Look at various business cards for examples.

7. Information. Include the basic information on your card i.e. Business name, your name, credentials, physical address, phone number, website and if possible your email address. Do not make people hunt for your information so that they can send you a thank you note or follow up letter or email. Make it easy for the person to contact you or do business with you. When there is no physical address people question the legitimacy of your business.

My seven tips for business card success will help you in growing your business. When people can read your business card and resonate with you and your brand you will begin building long lasting client relationships.

Author's Bio: 

Coach Jaynine is the owner of Dream Catcher Business & Life Coaching. She is the international business and life coach who enjoys teaching business owners the systems and strategies needed to grow their business while remaining debt free. She is a retired United States Marine and former psychotherapist residing in Jacksonville, North Carolina. Jaynine is currently pursuing her Doctorate in Psychology with Capella University.

She is also the author of Write the Right Resume, Attract Love Keep Love and various other ebooks and home study courses. Coach Jaynine is a member of the Jacksonville-Onslow Chamber of Commerce, Carteret Chamber of Commerce, Coachville, 24/7 Coaching, and the American Psychological Association.

You can download your free ecourse Networking Detox by visiting http://www.networkingdetox.com/. This course will teach you how to design your networking plan so that you can grow your business. You can visit her website at http://coachjaynine.com/ or contact her at 910-539-2810 so you can start turning your dreams into reality.